The 180 Degree Turnaround Manifesto

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The 180 Degree Turnaround Manifesto

First things first:

This is no theoretical model.
I did this with all the things I learned and started to use this, even more, when I got conscious about it.
Which is changing perspective in all directions to see what additional epiphanies I can get out of things I’ve already learned

You can also gain new epiphanies from what you’ve already learned. But how?

We can look at something like this:

Upside – down
left – right
invert (for example from positive to negative or vice versa)
active – passive
from another direction.
coming from another place.
Taking perspective on something.
Something about going from a higher to a lower place, somehow.

Let’s elaborate on that.

We all share certain insights and experiences we got from

  • Our social lives,
  • Our family lives,
  • Outgoing,
  • Reading and being told by other peoples
  • Or having epiphanies, by reading, thinking about events and so on.
  • First-hand experiences
  • Second-hand experiences

What do they all have in common? 

Establishing certain

character traits.

We might look at a concept and see it that way, it’s TRUE for us. We don’t question it.

But do you ever consider the inverse direction?

Let me first state the following:

During parts of our personal development journeys, we get stuck. And we’re asking ourselves what to do now?
Sometimes we might even feel like we’re now on the top of that mountain, and asking ourselves where to go on now?

Is that all?
Is there anything else?

Sure. We can just try other things. Vipassana retreat. Eckhart Tolle retreat to get present.

Go alone into

  • a jungle
  • making a safari
  • learning everything Buddhist monks or Tibetan guys teach or know.
  • Doing a Japanese hot bath.
  • Meditating at a spiral location.
  • Learning the magic of the shamans.

I think it’s never wrong to learn about those things, but if you use them and how is another story. Completely.

What do I mean by that:

Inverse direction?

Do you remember that nasty guy/girl that always behaved like you couldn’t stand her?
Gosh. He/She always did this and that wrong and so on… I’ll get back to that later.

Let’s give a concrete example:

You might have learned that is imported to make sure you feel the first feeling you want to transfer to the other person.
So you see it from that perspective. You might even be aware of how this affects the other person.
But what if you go one step further?

Changing perspective, perceive it from another person’s body.

Let’s still be this the focus between boys and girls, women and men.
And now imagine you are HER.
You turned this around. Now it’s no longer your perspective. It’s hers.
From her standpoint (NOW YOU ARE HER, so YOU relate to HER.)
What do you see, feel and perceive now? In her body.

  • See what you see.
  • Hear what you hear.
  • Taste what you taste.
  • Smell what you smell.
  • And feel what you feel.

Changing the direction of your view

Imagine you’ve always searched for approval, outside of you.
By different people. For different things.
It didn’t work. So you search for more people. More things. You try harder.
To fill that hole, in the bucket containing dirty water – of your soul.

The bucket here symbolizes the ego, that seeks approval.
The water is the approval you got. But it’s dirty. Because people didn’t really want to give you that type of approval.
It’s not your own approval, it’s approval you demanded from others.
You sucked it out of them. This is why that water is dirty.
The whole metaphor symbolizes that it will never make you feel satisfied; the satisfaction you got of the approval is dripping out of the bucket.
It’s always emptying, constantly and continuously. So you’ll always have to fill with water. From outside. Dirty water.
Got the point?

People hate when we demand approval from them.

Maybe you think, they don’t know what they miss.
From a place of scarcity, because you still WANT that approval.
So you might come across needy because you want that outcome APPROVAL.
If you don’t get that you are mad. In a bad mood. Sad. Angry.

What can you do to get over this?

By changing your views, BUT still outward directed.

What if you turn this around? Looking into you.
How can you give yourself approval?
How can you basically give yourself everything that you want?

You see here the inverting?

Before you wanted to get the approval from the people around you. They are not happy about this.
Now, you let go of it and give yourself the approval.

What happens?

You don’t NEED their approval anymore. So you are good to go.

And then suddenly it WILL happen:

Now that you don’t NEED the approval anymore, but still going for it, but filling up yourself, giving you your own approval;
Now you got even more. By the other people as well. They might even tell you what an awesome guy you are.

Going back in time instead of forward – seen from a future perspective

Until you are back in the present tense.
Many sites taking into account – dealing with emotional issues – to re-parent your inner child.
Merci beaucoup. That’s trés bien.
But what if your older self re-parents you as well? Imagine that. You can use that too.
The three of you can give you mentally a lot of strength and become something timeless.

Imagine all of the three of you, your actual self, your younger self, and your older self could come together and talk.
What would you learn? I think this is very interesting. Even exciting.

You can use this as a virtual consultation meeting in your mind.
Ask your older self which challenges it had to face and still overcome.
Which challenges does it still have to face?
The interesting thing is, even if you only play this in your mind and you really don’t know what your older self has been doing,
your subconsciousness will come up with answers. So you’ll learn something by yourself you didn’t even know yet.

Then you can do the same for your younger self.
And finally be the future self and talking to your present self.

Every part of this gives you some answers, insights, and epiphanies.

If you want to know more about this part of view you could consider the time traveler meditation of Steve Pavlina.

Turning around the meaning

Turning around the direction of whom it is related to:

“He’s very egoistic.”

What if you say:

“I am really egoistic?”

I know what will happen: You will hate that normally.

This is basically a tiny excerpt of what Byron Katie describes in the Work.

Or if you look into a mirror:

you look into your eyes.
BUT what if you’re putting yourself into the image in the mirror looking at you?
Maybe it’s not even easy at first wrapping your head around that. It might be scary, crazy, but also exciting.

Seeing positive things and vice versa:

Let’s still stay in the focus of positive things here, what if you see death as something positive?
You can’t right now? Think you would be dead tomorrow, has it changed now? Opposites of life and death. Dying.

About the people you meet

Do you always exaggerate? Being/trying/doing/having too much?

Then don’t be trying/doing/having at all.

One is to get near your limits from above.
The other side from below.

From a man’s side:

Above: Maybe you are too much-wanting something to work. You can calm down.
Below: Maybe you are not driven or not motivated big time to make something work.

What can you do about it?

From a woman’s side:

Above: Do you show enough signs, maybe even too much, so your female friends are starting to judge?
Below: Do you show too less or aren’t you showing anything at all?

If you even turn the principle of this blog-post around somehow, what will happen?
You land in the middle, which basically means:

Learn to calibrate where you are.
This is also the meaning of the

the place where it’s coming from

You can decide the angle you use to turnaround


decide to consider everything you perceive


your turnaround.

Sometimes the best way to look/get forth is to look back.
Especially when you walk along this empty road alone.

So until now, this is completely emotional.

What about the technical or business side?

This can give perspective on other projects.
This might enable you to use things you already got in a different way.

Apply this to your business, you might even use some things as a guinea pig, as described in Think and Grow Rich.

Here are some examples that might you show how to use things differently:

Need a Chinese soup spoon? But there is no one? Why not create it by yourself using things you already have.

cap and spoon used as chinese soup spoon

Fork + Cup = chinese soup spoon

use selfie stick differently

This is what is about to happen when you will use a selfie stick as a computer camera stick.

See where new perspectives are opened.
Maybe you can use programs you got on your computer differently.
You can use the things you got differently.

OR: You use another approach on them.

You use another approach on them.

Sometimes it takes a while until that creativity switch that might have been hidden by the layers of social conditioning is activated.
So take that into consideration. This will for sure make a difference.

And if you can combine the two ideas; even better.

This should give you a lot of new ideas and insights as well, coming from your own perspectives.
From your interior, will fulfill your creativity again to a certain level and inspire you to do more.

If there’s anything still holding you back from doing this, as described here, you might have issues with your self-image, which is crucial
to enable you to do a lot of things.

And now when you come to this new conclusion you could even share those ideas with another person and wake-up their creativity again.

The new conclusion in this case is:

To change the perspective on things so you can consider angles you didn’t even consider before.
Even if they’re obvious.

What do you think will happen if two creative people meet then?
Their ideas won’t just add. They won’t just multiply. They will explode. You won’t believe it.

I think two people are a good combination to create a massive amount of new ideas
Like a fountain of creativity. Especially if they come from different backgrounds.
Maybe one has more practical ideas, the other one, theoretically, but you can combine them perfectly.

Tell me what you came up with and share this article if you liked it.
Thanks. 🙂

I wish you a nice weekend.

~ Holger

P.S.: When I got new insights or thoughts about this, I may add them here.


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