Why dealing with Emotional Issues?

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What you will have to learn during your journey

Something in advance, today when I looked at my blog, I was facing a big challenge: My blog was locked.
It stated that due to an IP-Attack it had been locked. Good on one side, because it seems like nobody got in.
Bad on the other side, I couldn’t get in either. And I thought first: Oh my god, I hope it’s not gone for good.

I had to deal with some fear. This really distorted my perception for some minutes.
Then I started thinking. Ok, just a plugin of this site stated that it locked the site.
So I could just delete it, by logging into my FTP-Server.

Wouldn’t I have learned to deal with my emotions that way, It would take me a lot longer to repair the issue or find another solution to go on.
Because I would be blocked or disturbed, challenged – or whatever – by my emotions. This is never helpful.
The other way – what we mostly learned – to resist the emotions is also not good.

About Emotions…

Normally every generation should outperform the previous one. But very few people truly teach theair kids anything at all they couldn’t learn from school.
Sure you might have been taught driving a car, playing table tennis, or how to burn a cd even.


But rarely you’ve been taught how to

  • think outside the box
  • have confidence
  • to move and not fear mistakes

Which is really crucial for success.
You didn’t learn how to get along with your emotions. Neither did I. At least not at that level where it really matters.
To make some changes occur in your life that stick.

Some parents might be holding you back:

“Don’t do this, my boy. I know a neighbor who tried once and he failed.”

There are the dreaded words: “ONCE” and “FAILED”.
Now tell me Dear Sirs and Madams, did your parents ever give up when they tried to teach you how to walk or to speak?

“Oh look, dear. He fell again. He’ll never learn to walk.”


“Oh my good. He pronounced it wrong. Again. He will never be a speaker.”

This might sentences you might have let into your consciousness a long time ago.
Without even validating if it’s still true, or if it had even been true once in your life.

If you keep saying sentences like:

  • “I am not the type of person that…”
  • “I will never be like…”
  • “I am not the kind of person to do…

Then you got for sure issues with your self-image that hold you back as well.

Did you encounter some emotional issues already with the topics before?
No? Oh, only small ones. I understand. But if you are already encountering emotional issues right now, what if we get to bigger stuff?
It’s not always easy.


It will prepare you for your normal life too. You will stretch your comfort zone and handle problems differently.

…And Business

You will have to

TRY (sometimes several times, can be frustrating)

a lot of things.

What you will find is:

You are in need of customers for your business.
You will lose them. Find others.
No, it’s not so easy to find the first customer.
Or it’s not so easy to find the next.

You need to get a stream of customers.
You need an income stream.
You need strategies.
You need a plan.

And you need to exchange that word need, later by another word as well.

I will cover here many topics, while I try it out myself.

I am serious about this. AND about you.
Let me really give you the best help I can while you trying out new things in your business.
I am still quite new in the business side. But by far not new relating to the emotional side.

What will be next?

  • Several Types of Ads
  • Another PTC-Site
  • Affiliate Links
  • Stores
  • Programming
  • Memberships
  • Newsletter
  • List Building
  • Role Models (we need to learn from others that already HAD big successes, too)
  • SEO, etc…


and all other type of stuff we’ll stumble upon building an online business. There will be much more.

And I also have some things waiting for you, I think no one wrote about yet.

For example:

How to organize your income streams. And some other great ideas. So we will have to deal with all emotional issues that will come up during this journey.
And yes, you might wanna give up sometimes, too.

For all the decisive ones:

It’s just important to stand up again once more than you fell down.
Keep going.

Soul and Spirit

And yes, it will still be you. Yourself and your unique ideas. So your business won’t lose the soul.
Because that’s important, too.

It’s only your business because you do it your way. Your very unique way. That’s where a huge part of the gold is hidden in.
Take an idea and grow your idea it into something unique.

Grow your idea uniqe.

You don’t have to come up with your unique idea and then start.

Just imagine a piano peace played by the computer without any variation in rhythm and dynamic. It’s technically perfect.
But it will have no soul at all. It sounds more dead than being alive.

Tell me where you struggle emotionally and let’s see what we can do.

What you resist persists

Don’t resist your emotions. They won’t go away just by resisting.
I know you can’t just change that because I tell you. That’s totally ok. I just wanna point out a direction to consider:
Become aware of your emotions.

Next time you struggle in your business, don’t just shove that emotion away,
accept it as your teacher that wants to show you something.
When you feel the dreaded emotion another time welcome it as a friend and – dude, no, it doesn’t sound gay – say to yourself or loud:

“I am completely aware and present together with you.”

Listen to your emotion. What does it want?

By the way if you do this, you might get rid of a lot of things.
Because thoughts are attached to an emotion. So if you get rid of an underlying emotion you might get rid of all the attached thoughts.
This is for sure good, if those things are attached to an emotion you consider as negative one.

The one point also reappearing with such things is:

It simple, but not easy.

Simple to explain, not easy to execute. Because thank god you’re human. This is why we sometimes seek for advice.

Let me tell you

A Little Story

I got a very good friend and we work on building our business together. And we come up with a lot of ideas together.
I favorise that combination, because your ideas multiply at least.
She’s an amazing girl and a very good business partner.
But she struggled a lot with different issues. Let’s call her Melanie.
Melanie offers an amazing service to her customers. But when she came to the obvious point being paid for her business she couldn’t do it.
She wasn’t able to take any money from her clients without

feeling Guilt

So we’d worked together to resolve those problems. Because I wanted her to be successful.
Then we talked again on the phone and found another issue, that made her struggle a lot.
It was a lot of work for me but especially at least for her to get rid of this.
After three huge emotional struggles she finally can do now her job with joy.

What did we do to accomplish that?

First we dealt with her self-image. Which is by far the most important point.
Then we handled the pictures that came up in her mind.
I’ve used several techniques to change that to something better and get rid of a lot of her emotional ballast.
Then we had to change her view on things.
And in between she executed the complimentary opposite exercise a lot of times.

Why don’t I describe this here a lot more?

Easy. Because I’d like to write an article about that as well.

I think I’ll call it something like

How to get emotionally ready for your Business.

~ Holger


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