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Before I tell you something about how to “Get the Flow into your Texts”, let me tell, what happened so far.

I am at the same place again. Not outside. The thunderstorm is too strong at the moment.
And I am listening to some techno / house I made on my phone yesterday (using caustic). 😉



You might have been asking yourself why I didn’t post the last 2 days.
It’s easy. Though this site is new I had to maintain some things.

This includes searching for plugins.
Updating to the new WordPress Version.

Why do I write this here?
You might ask yourself: Is that even relevant? It is!
And it is for sure relevant emotionally as well.

Because I did not feel good not throwing something out which might be valuable for you all.
I felt like I had to.
If you do this yourself and want to make a serious blog out of it, you will see there is a lot of invisible work involved.
Serious doesn’t mean in that case that you can’t make any jokes. I mean taking your business seriously.
It is not just a website.

And I am not trying to impress. I am trying to express. Which paradoxically impresses the most.
I try to be real and leaving out my ego as far as possible.

What might block you from getting into a flow state?

Imagine you do a business yourself. Let’s say you take the same road and create an online business.
What will happen if you don’t post for one, two or even some days more? Though your blog is still new?

I tell you what my brain came up with:

  • Will it be punished by google?
  • Will I loose the few readers I might already have won?
  • Didn’t I do a good job?
  • Will I fail?

It does not matter if I fear that, I am unsatisfied or I even believe that. Those thoughts just appeared.

Google Analytics will definitely show what is going on, sober.
Because it has no emotions involved.

Google Analytics Holbizmetrics_August
Google Analytics Holbizmetrics – August

You can definitely see a trend. It reached a peak. And now it’s going down again.
Some years earlier without any work on myself as a person, they were much more like the following examples.
See below.

More stuff blocking you from going on

Some of you might even come up with some of those excuses:

  • I can’t do this
  • This is too hard
  • I don’t have the resources to do this
  • I don’t know how to do all this stuff
  • This is too much to learn
  • I am gonna quit this
  • Just one click and my business is gone. I knew this was a bad idea.

And if you got some negative inner talk involved (this little man or woman sitting in your ear whispering all kind of stuff):

  • Gosh! You stupid idiot. You made a mistake with that Clixsense
  • This is a waste of time, you will never make it.
  • You know why you fail? Because you never push through.

There are all kinds of things involved having to do with your human psyche.
Basically it comes down to a few things so.

Let’s have a look at the root causes:

  • Fear.
  • Being out of your comfort zone.
  • Dealing with all kinds of emotional blockages.

Dealing with the emotions you experience

What I can share with you out of my own experiences is:

We experience emotions in our bodies. And many times in our life we don’t want to feel them.
Because we consider bad emotions as an enemy. We need to take perspective on this and consider emotions as our guidance.
And let them be our teachers as well. So we have to listen what they’re telling us. Than they can teach us what to do.

Next time you feel something you consider as being negative, stay with it.
Don’t repress it. Don’t suppress it. Stay with it. Just imagine it is a friend visiting you and you perceive his or her bad mood.
Welcome the feeling.

If it helps you might even say:

“I am fully aware of you and I am here with you, fully present.”

Because the only way to past those feelings is through them.
If the feeling is gone all the attached thoughts will be gone too.
Mainly not the thoughts cause feelings in the first place.
No. Mainly a bad feeling causes a lot of thoughts.
If it is a repressed or suppressed feeling you’re dealing with, now just imagine:
How long you’ve been stuck in that loop thinking the same negative thoughts again and again?
Break that loop pattern.

if you now catch yourself saying “But I am not the kind of…”, “But I never do this or this or that”, “I prefer always such and such…” consider
immediately reading the article about Self-Image. Because that means here a part of your identity is rigid.
You have to change that to see it as a flowing kind of concept.
To be ready to grow unlock your rigid identity. Give yourself a chance.
It is part of your self-imagine, thus determines your limits and beliefs.
Get rid of the detrimental parts of your mind.

And the more we avoid experiencing emotions, the more they chase us. The only way past them is through them.

Get the Flow into your Texts

I didn’t even consider text to be that important. The content, yes. But not the text.
Now we could start a conversation almost on philosophical background:

Is content text? Is text content? Is it a subset? Is it even exchangeable at all? Or de we have to consider them as separated entities? Or whatever.
Doesn’t help. What I learned though by ShoutMeLoud an award winning blog about

making money from your blog, including basic and advanced money making techniques.

by Eric

I agree Eric, you’re very right when you tell:

This is all pretty cool stuff but not that easy.

Thanks to you I’ve got it.

Writing is not easy.
Texting is not easy.
Editing is not easy.

But it can be done.

Eliminate mistakes by proofreading

And we will all make plenty of mistakes. And you know what? If you keep improving it doesn’t even matter in the long run.

What I noticed when reading

I will show you how to Make your Blog More Professional

I know now: That my writing capatabilities are my greatest assets, online. So are yours.
Your text and your writing here is what is a voice for a speaker.
Without a voice no audience.
Without the flow in a text, guess what? No or not much readers.

And Eric emphasizes on his blog how important proofreading is.
He hates it, me too. But now I consider definitely doing it more frequently.
And it’s also involving a lot of what? Yes! Emotions. You might get a heavy cocktail of disturbing emotions when re-reading your good text. For free.

Re-read your Blog Posts

If you have written a lot of blog posts already, I am sure this can be overwhelming.
And I know what you think: Oh my God. Now have to do all this articles again? Re-read? Change?
And you might not even start but procrastinate.
Hoping for something to change.

No. It doesn’t work that way.
And it doesn’t work the other way round either.
Find some balance. And the balance is found in doing a little tiny bit.

Choose one article that doesn’t perform at all. Or not very good.
Read it.
If possible show it some friends or acquaintances. Do they get the points? Do they understand?
Or is it too complicated?

When I re-read some of my articles here – and I will do on Deep Trust for sure, too – I think sometimes:
Gosh! Why did I write this passage in that way? Sometimes you’ll even find unfinished sentences.
This happens mostly if you had a thought, wanted to write it down, then came up with another thought.
And right after finishing and publishing the text, you didn’t proofread again.

Tiny Steps

If you get overwhelmed don’t do everything at once. Choose one article. Or if this is still too much only a passage. Maybe even just one sentence.
Because this gets you going. You need to create some momentum. If the expectations are too high you want give it even a go.
Set your bar very low. As low as you can go. But still above zero.
That’s one of the little secrets to success.

If you set your expectations like:

I have to re-read and correct 100 blog posts today, this might get you pretty sure discouraged.
If you set the bar to one paragraph and after you finished you did even more, this will give you a great feeling.

The Magic Words: Connection

Sometimes it seems like we have to deel with magic here.

Note: Don’t go on reading here if you not want your world to be changed forever.



Morpheus (Matrix):

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.

Watch it right now to experience the full dramatic experience:

Congratulations. You made it so far!

You are still here? Good! You are brave. Glad you might it here.
Welcome in your new reality. Neo. Or whatever your name might be. 😉

Now here comes the perception twist, that’s gonna change how you perceive conversations forever.

So you might even tell someone, a guy, in real life about:

You: “…and if you apply this, it will really make your blog more professional”.
Guy: “Yeah, I already know that. I am not the guy who proofreads everything. I do that sometimes. But most of the time I don’t need to.”

People do smalltalk. Some might say people love smalltalk. I disagree. I say people like to connect.
Smalltalk does not really connect with people. Either does it with you.
Yes, we might all enjoy funny talks from time to times.
But what if it has no substance? Who is the real character behind that mask?
Make yourself more vulnerable.

Try until you Succeed.

Try new things. Apply for the amazon affiliate partnership. Register at Zanox. Learn how to connect with people.

Listening is a lost art nowadays in my opinion.

have you ever had the feeling in a conversation of:

  • not being listened to
  • not being heard
  • not being understood
  • ignored
  • rejected
  • triggering responses of others they have just been waiting for to “vomit” into the talk
  • stealing your topic (ripping of the topic), and then, even worse: topic changed by your conversational partner
  • the other person not relating back to you

These points and many more definitely kill the flow.
And here dealing with our blogs we have even to learn more than just connection. We deal with empathy. Who is reading this text?
What can I give? How can I share? Be understanding. And at its best: Sharing a live transforming experience.
That’s the real value.

What I noticed is, people normally relate everything back to them
They are used to talk about their own experiences.

“How does this affect me?”
“What could I just blurt out to that?”

I guess you know those conversations where someone is telling something and then:
keyword trigger activated.
And basically every person thinks: “Now I can say THIS/THAT.”
and suddenly one after another bursts out:
“bloody bloody blah.”
And they wanna be heard. It’s like a basic need, like water or food.
When it’s over you have the feeling everyone talked, but no conversation took place.

Penetrate the reality of the other person

Here’s the twist (I will give a short concrete example at the end as well):

Try to understand the views and insights of the other person.
Try to go down the “why-chain” without coming across as interrogating.
So you will even experience the beliefs of the other person.
And talk about:

– Motivation
– Emotion
– Character traits

Here comes the example:

a) first: like basically more than 97% do it. (I won’t tell that’s true for people commenting here, so we take it as if…, you get the point. 😉
b) second: including the twist.

Common Example:

a) Hi Holger.
How are you?
I loved reading your blog and tried to apply the changes, though I already knew those things.
I figured out that I still have a lot to learn considering grammar and re-reading texts.
My friend had a lot of trouble with that too. Now it’s getting better.


~ Marc

Basically there’s nothing wrong with that. And it isn’t very inspiring either.
But with those little twists we’re for sure making much more impact
(starting to create a deep emotional connection, and definitely making impact):

b) Hi Holger.
How are you?
It’s not easy nowadays to find invaluable pieces of information like contained in your blog.
Thanks for sharing.
You must have invested a lot of time learning these – writing AND proofreading – skills.
And you got your own very unique approach. I like the way you structure your text visually
and contextually.
I know this involves a lot of self-reflection, self-discipline and keeping out your ego.
And I am sure at times you might still feel resistance.

Would you say self-discipline is something you learned from your social circle
or did you teach it yourself by writing this blog?
You really have this gift to change someone’s perception AND business for the better.



Which type of conversationalist would you prefer?

Have a nice day. 🙂

~ Marc

If you wanna know more about this topic, go on reading here on my other website Deep Trust:

Pitfalls, man to woman – How can I improve my Conversational Skills?

Gain your Textual Creativity

This is crucial: Never let anyone limit HOW you write your texts.
You don’t have to write one thing after another if you work differently.
You don’t have to write the headline firsts and then fill it with flesh.
You can also just start to write. And then add the headlines later.
Seen from this perspective there are no rules. There are no limits.

BUT STILL: Make clear the text is understandable. Entertaining. If you can. I just notice when I write here, I am still holding back my humor. I will change that. 🙂

Consider any tipps for the Content and HOW to structure your text.
But don’t anyone let you tell where to start first. Find out what works best for you.

This is always about finding the right balance. Get into your sweet spot. You will definitely know when you hit it.


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See you next time and I wish you a nice day, evening or morning. Wherever in the world you may be. 🙂




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