How to Get Down to Business Using WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is a largely common used instant messaging tool. Many people use it.
But if you’re from a country where it might not be heavily used, first: What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp might be not the easiest App to be creative with. So I am gonna help you to unlock your
unknown WhatsApp potential.

And first things first:

This tutorial has not included the effort to write the most comprehensive tutorial about WhatsApp.
At least not yet. But you might find a lot of things you might not have known about it yet. πŸ˜‰

And: If you’d like to know how to do Business with WhatsApp, stay tuned. I will point out a solution throughout this article.

What is WhatsApp?


According to the company:

β€œWhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messenger that replaces SMS and works through the existing internet data plan of your device. WhatsApp is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian60 & S40 phones. Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends.”

WhatsApp is free for users for the first year; then, usersΒ pay $1 per year for the service. (This might be preliminary to change.)
It was originally launched as an SMS alternative for those under restrictive messaging plans.
WhatsApp requires users to register with a telephone number, and it is testing out a VoIP calling feature.
It also recently introduced a web app.

How to Enable WhatsApp Web

Hint: You’ll still need your phone connected to the web
There are programs like Telegram or LINE doing a better job.

Others might use Line, Telegram and so on. And I don’t consider WhatsApp to be the best tool out there by far.
It misses a lot other tools have. But if you’re forced to use it, because you can’t contact your friends, business partners and so on,
why not see what else we can do with it?

Ok, let’s enable it for web usage.

First, you’llΒ have to open the WhatsApp Web Page.
And then you’re provided with this:


That’s only the first half of the puzzle.
Go to your phone and bring up WhatsApp Web. See red mark below:


Now your display on your mobile will show this pic below.
Where you’ll have again to press that red marked plus sign:


And then the scanner opens, now you have to point with your phone on the screen to scan the QR-Code, it looks like this:

You’ve already seen this in the top left corner of your web page on your compater on WhatsApp Web.
After WhatsApp successfully scanned the code you can do pretty much everything you can do on your phone, just sitting in front of your computer.

For example, what most people miss out on:

Some things to get you started to experiment

Just drag a pic from one of your WhatsApp chats into another browser window.
From there you might do with it whatever you want.

Drag it to WordPad and you might see something like this:


Exchanging Pics

Let’s say you have to quickly share some graphics or infographics. Here is one point I really like about WhatsApp when using it in Chrome:

Just mark the picture as copy and then paste it into the tab where you opened WhatsApp Web. And there’s the pic, ready to be send.
Luv that. πŸ™‚

Download WhatsApp for Mac or PC

OnΒ you can finally download a WhatsApp Client for your Computer in 32 BitΒ and 64 Bit.
And here’s the download for Mac OS X 10.9 and higher.
It seems to have exactly the same features like WhatsApp Web. Besides the fact you don’t have to be browser independent anymore
it’s pointless. Why using it?

Sharing while Saving Data Usage

Don’t reupload your data to send it to everyone.
This will use the same amount of traffic each time.
Don’t do it.
Instead upload it first to anyone.
Maybe even to the group you created for yourself.

And THEN share it with others.

If you upload it to anyone and from there share it, you got several advantages at once:

Almost no additional traffic is used.
It shares instantly. It’s fast.
Because it is cached by the WhatsApp servers.

Hint:Β don’t wait to long to share to others. Because after a while (10 minutes to several hours) it’s not cached anymore
and it’ll use the same traffic again.

If you’re internet capacity is limited to a certain MB amount it might be good to save some, right?
For example, if you want to upload a video, just upload it once.

Write a Message to Yourself

You can do the following:

Create a group.
Add someone from your list, because otherwise you’re not allowed to create the group.
When it’s done, remove this user again.
So the only one left in your group is you. As an administrator.

Hint: If you don’t likeΒ WhatsApp so much: Telegram has this function for free and you don’t need to activate anything.
You can just start writing yourself there.

When you’re at Your Computer

Then you can type, thank God. πŸ™‚ I love that.
But you might be forced to press the smiley button once in a while. This disturbs the flow and to be honest, I hate that. πŸ˜‰
If you do that a lot, you might be using SwiftKey or any other type of Goole Products that can autocomplete and substitute words in every language as a smiley.

Hint: If you gotΒ my SearchAndReplace Tool you might even use a created filter that replaces your words that you’re selecting into smilies.
Don’t you know what it is? Have a look at how to get rid of your monkey texting.


(y) = ?
(n) = ?
:-) = ?
:-( = ?
:-p = ?
:-| = ?
:-\= ?
:-d = ?
:-* = ?
<3 = ❀
^_^ = ?
>_< = ?
;-) = ?

How to Enable WhatsApp Web Notifications on Chrome

Step #1.Β At first you’ll have to bring upΒΒ on Chrome.

Step #2. Enable WhatsApp Web by following a method shown in our information.

If you are using WhatsApp on the web for the first time, you can see an option of turning on desktop notifications below your profile picture. It reads: β€œGet Notified of New Messages” and below this β€œTurn on desktop notifications”.

Step #3. Just click on β€œTurn on desktop notifications”.

Use the Free Whatsapp PHP API Library

Own Ideas to Enable Whatsapp to use for your business. To enable you to use WhatsApp automatically.

Companies/Websites/Bloggers Using WhatsApp as Business Tool

Whatsapp is the next generation of SMS, AND it is over IP, so it is free.
HubSpot must be able to send Whatsapp messagens ASAP to keep up with the correct communication methods.
The new generation doesn’t use e-mail anymore, they communicate through instant messaging (Whatsapp, Facebook chat, Line…). Whatsapp is the most popular and does no require “friendship”, so should be the next step for HubSpot.

Features for Marketers


WhatsApp didn’t yet release any API or something and no advertising for brands. InΒ WhatsApp, you might only use up to 500 people in a group nowadays.
BUT… what if you do what Hubspot does? They send a WhatsApp message if you register with your number to you.
Regularly. At the moment every Monday.

Something like getting someone to subscribe via The Web directly is not possible.
But I guess there is a way doing something about it.
Let’s just imagine we could get it to work. What would we have to do?

From Manual to Automated Marketing

Just some thoughts along the way, establishing a solution.
Let’s make this possible.

Let’s be the first here in the world. At least I don’t know anyone who already did it. πŸ™‚

Let me think. We would need a website where our user registers giving away her/hisΒ used phone number.
We would have to open that mailbox and scan it for a mail where a user subscribed to whatsapp

Short manual steps again under a nutshell:

Manual Steps

  • User subscribes, including phone number and mail
  • open mailbox
  • scan for mails with Subscribed User
  • Searching for the Number and adding it to a broadcast list on your phone in WhatsApp
  • Compiling a message and sending it using the broadcast list (the list might be called something like: Yourwebsitename + Subscribers

Automated Steps

  • User subscribes including phone number and mail, sent to your mailbox by WordPress or whatever system you use.
    Here’s no need for an external program or solution
  • Scan for Mails, here we could use a program.
    I already did one once upon a time, that I could provide here.
    So we’re able to Search for the Number and Adding it to a broadcast list
    But how do we add it?
  • Here’s one possibility:
    Add a remote functionality app on your phone.
    Then we can simulate the user clicks on the phone to do the following:

    • creating a new contact for the number.
    • adding the name with a pattern like:
      Name-Number-Subscriber-Websitename, if the name is given
      Number-Subscriber-Websitename, if no name is given
    • searching for the number and adding it to the broadcast list
  • Last step: Whenever your computer is switched on, the program might be enabled to send your message.

Now you’re ready to let your users subscribe via WhatsApp.

Whatsapp has gone far beyond just personal messages, it is now a great avenue for business owners to interact with their current clients/customers and connect with new ones.
But almost no one uses it that way right now. So now you might change it.

Use WhatsApp Sharing Links


Be sure to try this, when using your mobile,
just click the link below:

Share via Whatsapp

How to Transfer Media Files from and to your Computer

How can we store WhatsApp messages or send them when also using our computer?

If you’d like to send pics toΒ WhatsApp or via WhatsApp:


You can just copy your pics in any paint program and insert them by copy/paste in WhatsApp web.
That’s one possibility.


You can connect your phone via USB to your computer and locate this folder:
The WhatsApp folder will be split into different subfolders containing different types of media:

SdCard/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Images

There you’ll find all the images you’ve received.
And there’s another Sent folder where you might find all the pictures you’ve sent.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp won’t show youΒ somehow how to relate the pics to the user they came from or you’ve sent the pictures too.
When there is any possibility at all, I’ll add it here.

E-Mail your Chat to yourself

If you got a very valuable conversation or you’d like to have a conversation stored because you don’t want to loose it,
just let it send to yourself.

How to use Whatsapp to Write Messages Differently

OnΒ Messenger Art, I am showing how to write WhatsApp Messages a little bit differently.
This is not limited to WhatsApp anyway. That’s just where the idea had started. Because sometimes I thought it’s very boring to
send the same messages over and over. Right?

What you can do with most messengers is:

Sending text.
Sending audios.
Sending emoticons.
And recently for example in telegram and WhatsApp: Sending documents
and for sure links.

But what if you use ASCII texts in a way it’s not used to before? Because we can paint pictures with that too.
This might also be interesting for messages:

  ___ ___        .__ ___.   .__                       __         .__               
 /   |   \  ____ |  |\_ |__ |__|_______ _____   _____/  |________|__| ____   ______
/    ~    \/  _ \|  | | __ \|  \___   //     \_/ __ \   __\_  __ \  |/ ___\ /  ___/
\    Y    (   )  |_| \_\ \  |/    /|  Y Y  \  ___/|  |  |  | \/  \  \___ \___ \ 
 \___|_  / \____/|____/___  /__/_____ \__|_|  /\___  >__|  |__|  |__|\___  >____  >
       \/                 \/         \/     \/     \/                    \/     \/ 


What’s ASCII by the way?

ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Computers can only understand numbers, so an ASCII code is the numerical representation of a character such as ‘a’ or ‘@’ or an action of some sort.

Let’s create an ASCII Art

Many of you have seen this already, this is called ASCII-Art. Which is nothing else than just being creative using ASCII-Character codes.
But what if we still go even one step further? Can we? Yes, we can.

Can you recognize this?


Well if you’re on your phone you might have to turn it 90 degrees to see it. This is likeΒ really drawing a picture with ASCII-Codes.
Before we just had made a text.

But I still thought of another way to do even a more creative way. And guess what? I really came up with something.

What if we use emoticons to draw pics? Or even ASCII-Characters and emotions together?

Maybe you’re hunting a balloon and wanna tell that story:

Example: Hunting Balloon


? ?
?Β Oh no, my balloon!

(Just mark it and copy it into WhatsApp) πŸ™‚

Example: Did your house just fly away?

?? ☁
☁ ????
☁ ???
| | |
? ☁
☁ ☁

? ?? ? ? ? ?

(Just mark it and copy it into WhatsApp) πŸ™‚

That’s it for now.

~ Holger

P.S.: This is a living article, i.e. it means if I will find some more infos I’ll for sure add them here.
So check back from time to time, because the article might look largely different from what it had been before. πŸ™‚


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