Got Stuck? Get Rid of your Monkey Texting

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SearchAndReplace – Download PreAlpha for free Below

Automate repeated text tasks and get rid of all that monkey texting.
Every time you search and replace and notice: […]

How do you know you might want to use this tool right now?

If you catch yourself doing something like:

going to line 1, deleting the first character until the next space appears, going to the end of the same line, deleting the last number
going to line 2, repeating exactly what you did in the first one.

You know it’s a repetitive task, but search and replace like found in Word and others it’s just too less, then
this tool might come in handy. Don’t think anymore, just use it. Let it do the work for you.

That’s not sufficient.
You could do better.
And be more productive.
Saving tons of time.


Always when you catch yourself thinking:

“Gosh. I am repeating the same keystrokes and tasks 1000s of times. I hate that.”

Let your Custom Tailored Filters be your textual Servants

Use this tool. Let it be your automated monkey


Automatize Repetitive Tasks

  • Use the already defined transformation filters.
  • Create your own transformation filters.
  • Modify existing transformation filters.
  • Use it in any program, for exmaple as WordPress tool, which is copy, transfer, paste back

Only available in captcha protected download:

  • Use the Pattern Detector to recognize what is to do automatically
  • Find which element of two lists are intersecting or missing in the other list
  • Use special shortcuts that work in every program, also in WordPress

or use one of the many other possibilities to get your task done.

  • Automatically.
  • Repeatably.
  • Expandable.

For users

  • Use the Tutorial Player to guide you through some of the most important features
  • Use the Easy Mode to just use any given filter.

For Developers

  • Use the built in Regular Expression Evaluator
  • Open important Tools like directly from inside the program:
    • Calculator
    • Explorer
    • Internet Explorer
    • Notepad
    • Command Line
  • Syntax Highlighting in the Filter Editor
  • Use Variables to insert Date, Time, DomainName, Username and a lot more easily
  • Get your results directly while typing using Real Time Mode
  • Convert between a lot of formats (watch tutorial to see more)

You want to know more? Watch the Tutorial on Youtube.

At the moment SearchAndReplace is downloadable from here:

If the Captcha is not working download from here:

SearchAndReplace (PreAlpha)

If you’d like to know more have a look at the Toolbox.


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