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Holger from A-Z

Seems like there exists something called A-Z to know more about someone.
So here’s mine:

Holger Globe

Age Born 1976
Bed Size Normal
Chores I Hate – All types!
Dog Love 'em though got none yet.
Essential Start to DayLong, hot shower, long breakfast. Get up late..
Favorite ColorBlue
Gold or SilverGold
Height 5'7" or 5'6"
InterestsComposing Music,
Going out and meeting people, Software Developing
Job TitleSoftware Developer
(At the moment: Software Tester)
Mothers Name Mama
Nickname Didn't ever really get one. Besides little brat or something. Sisters, you know. 😉
Overnight Hospital Stays2
Pet PeevesBad manners, rude people, arrogance
Quote from filmBasically all profound quotes from Matrix, Part 1
Right/Left handed Left
Siblings Two Sisters
Time you wake 7:45am
UnderwearYes, I do wear underpants... 😉
Vegetables you hateplums
What makes you lateGetting up too early,
X-RaysTeeth, Left Hand
Yummy food I makeTurkish Kebap, Pide, Mexican food, Asian food
Zoo AnimalPenguin, Lion, Apes, Fishes

But there’s definitely some more about me.


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