Income Report – June 2017

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Hi again and I’ll invite you to May’s income report.
Which definitely contains some surprises.

Since last month a lot has changed.

My goal is to increase my freedom in traveling.
So I need an overview and some measurements to see how I am doing here.
To get an overview of my business.

IIncome Report

There are my struggles, wins, and losses every month, where I learn, try and tweak a lot to improve it every month.
It’s always a gap between reading knowledge and applying knowledge. When trying to earn money with a site, it gets very obvious.

This is a time in life where it actually ALWAYS makes sense to look back.

Another reason is that of inspiration. Not desperation. Maybe I can motivate some of you to create your own online business as well.

Are you ready for taking off?

I am still doing everything I can to increase traffic of this site* and getting things done.
Which will keep me busy for some time more, because I need to get rid of the errors that SEMRush continually shows me*.
Now finally I came to the conclusion that Pinterest is really a valuable traffic source, but I failed to create vertical pins last month.
Even I’ve been suggested to do so. But my brain still seems to work like this: proof, no promises.
Which I’ve now also started at my other page deep-trust. I am curious how those will do this month.

Here’s the actual statistical data from holbizmetrics:

Pinterest Analytics Chart

I didn’t even think that this little bit I did – which I still did badly – drove so much traffic. This is crazy. I didn’t know that.
And no. I didn’t want to hear any advice really. I only wanted to consider my own advice in this case. So wrong. Learned that. 😉

The one of the Deep-Trust sitejust started out, we’ll see how it is doing. There you’ll just see 6 visitors overall in one month.


Fixings and Improving

What did I do to earn more and be more consistent? (if you’d like to see more thoroughly what I did, skip this paragraph)

    • I am still not finished applying all of Reliable Soft’s SEO Guide and implementing. I’ve copped out.
      I am stuck at page 66/344 where it suggests using the hreflang tags for multilanguage sites, which is totally true for deep trust.
    • The blogging course of Michelle’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing*
      had helped me again to make more traffic and cash flow sources available, this time not through the guide itself so much anymore.
      But by the many sources that are available by the comments in the Facebook group of the program.
      You want in to? To get into your mastermind group of roughly 2000 people just striving in one direction?
      The direction is up and to get there just enroll in the course.
    • I didn’t read any books yet, I’ve bought last month. Especially I am still curious about Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It!
    • Since I noticed implementing my site’s Quillengage report was crucial. So I’ll include it here again.
      So we can keep track of what’s going on. Just fell in love how it presents Google Analytics Data in natural language.
      I’ll insert the report here again, so if you didn’t see it already last month, you can see what this means. Right now.
    • I copped out on writing my SEO article, which I don’t know why. Maybe it is a self-image related issue or I was just too lazy.
    • Working on more cornerstone articles like Yoast SEO calls it and at least one in-depth article. Which is said to be rare online.
      Let’s increase the number by doing some ourselves.
    • This time I’ve tried to include the ADS only on posts, not on pages. Doesn’t work yet and has to be corrected.
      Hopefully, this issue will be history very soon.
      I want you to be able to see the menu here again. Due to Google, this seems to do no harm.
    • I had added a lot of alt tags to the pictures I’ve using in my site
    • I bought a DSLR Camera, Nikon 3300, which I am quite satisfied with. Bu I already know, in the long run, this will not be the last one, I’ve bought. 😉
    • SEM Rush reported that I’ve solved more than 200 errors of last month, so the site quality definitely had improved a lot.
    • WP Rocket first seemed to have some start issues until I’ve noticed, no it didn’t it works perfectly. I just though to set up more than is actually needed,
      and now set it back to almost default. Runs fine. Does good work.
    • And just right now before releasing this article I’ve subscribed to the “sumo affiliate program.”

Traffic Analysis

No more camel hump traffic like in the last income report of May 2017.
As you will see further below Quillengage shows a huge and pleasant development of sessions due to increased overall traffic.
Which is exactly what I’ve aimed for last month.

Solving the Traffic Issues for June

Let’s have a look, at the:


Quillengage Report

All Web Site Data


Pageviews Avg Time On Site Sessions
655 6.1 min 238
+200%  from last month +197%  from last month +80%  from last month

Sessions Increase, Far Exceed Average

Sessions were up 80% from the previous month to 238, which is way above your 126-session average. Referrals and direct traffic both drove the increase in traffic, rising 59% and 123%, respectively.

All Web Site Data


+47% from last month
+24% from last month
+19% from last month

Sessions Increase, Far Exceed Average

Sessions were up 24% from the previous month to 296, which is almost double your 149-session average. The rise in traffic was driven by referrals, growing 45% to 207 sessions.
  • Last month, your site’s total page views increased 47% to 966. Similarly, your pages per session rose 19% to 3.3, which is close to your average across all available months.
  • Last month, Unleash your full potential – Business meets Emotion – No more fear blocking your success had more page views and a higher bounce rate than any of your other most frequently visited pages (17 and 79%, respectively).
  • Relative to last month, the percentage of total page views from your top ten pages fell to 1%, which suggests users are viewing a wider variety of pages on your site.

Sessions Up From Prior Month

now this is how we like it. Isn’t it? 😀

Traffic Sources

Organic search made up 11% of your site’s traffic with 33 sessions, which is down from one month earlier when 46 sessions came from organic search (accounting for 19% of your site’s traffic overall). Direct sessions were up to 56 from 49 last month and accounted for 19% of your site’s total traffic. A month before May, direct traffic made up 21% of total sessions.

New Referrals

These are the top referrers that started sending you traffic last month for the first time in all available months.… and… were the new referrers that drove the most traffic last month with 23 sessions and ten sessions, respectively.
Referral Sessions Avg Time On Site… 23 27.5 minutes… 10 16.9 minutes… 10 6 seconds… 8 31.2 minutes… 7 16.6 minutes
Note that for referral sessions with an average time on site of zero, there was likely only one page view, so Google Analytics was unable to calculate an average session duration.

New vs. Returning Users

Although new sessions rose to 152, they accounted for a smaller proportion of total sessions (51%). Perhaps new users were less engaged with your site compared to returning users last month, as their 57% bounce rate was higher than returning users’ bounce rate of 40%.

Traffic By Device

Though mobile and desktop sessions grew, sessions from tablet users decreased. The most traffic came from desktop, the top driver of traffic from the previous month as well. After a 17% rise compared to last month, 209 sessions came from desktop users. Traffic from mobile users increased 53% to 84 sessions. Tablet traffic fell 25% to three sessions.


The United States was the country with the largest gain in traffic, rising 107% to 60 sessions last month. New York drove the country’s growth with a 267% increase to 11 sessions. New Jersey and Texas dropped out of the top ten regions by sessions last month. Each slipped from eighth to 42nd and seventh to 33rd, respectively.

Paid Search

You have paid search set up, but there was not enough activity in recent months to report on. You can learn more about Google AdWords here.

This time there’s no reason to mark anything with a red error again because traffic went down. No, just because it didn’t.
Now the traffic is gradually increasing which is a very good development.
Where the site barely encountered 200 sessions a month it increases now to exceed 1000, which it’ll reach definitely this month.

Pinterest, in addition, will help to drive traffic even higher. What I really like about that, it seems the site gets way better-targeted traffic.

Where I fail: Subscriber report is not worth pointing out right now. I didn’t gain a new subscriber yet but have to repair the mobile issues too.
It’s loading rapidly now, but due to some serious error, which I don’t know yet, only 1/3 of the width is used on mobile devices.
Which makes the site not really usable. Yes, you can zoom in, no problem. But if the subscription box pops up then it’s like a nag.
Not good.


At least no camel hump traffic anymore this month. Hopefully never again. 🙂

Broken Links Check

What I always accustomed now to do on a consistent basis is a link break check.
Can still everything be reached for a user that’s new at this site?

This time 10 links seemed to be broken, at least this is claimed by Siteliner.
Not very appealing isn’t it? In percent, this means a little bit more as 3% of the links are broken.
I did another check using

Let’s see what happens.

Immediately after this report, I’ll have to fix those.

The advantage of Brokenlinkcheck in advance to Siteliner is the overview IMHO.
You can easily click the URL AND the source. So you don’t waste much time with searching:

For instance, you got also the options to choose from:

 Report distinct broken links only
 Report all occurrences of each dead link (may be slower)

The first one will just check the same type of links.
The second one will give you all occurrences.
Let’s see where I got skimpy using the first option and later fix it:

1 url src bad host
2 url src 429
3 url src 404
4 url src 404
5 url src 404
6 url src 404
7 url src 404
8 » url src 404
9 url src bad url
10 url src 404
11 url src 404

The second option will even spot some links more:

Broken link (you can scroll this field left-right)
Page where found

Server response

1 url src 404
2 url src 404
3 url src 404
4 url src 404
5 url src bad host
6 url src 404
7 » url src 404
8 url src 404
9 url src 404
10 url src 429
11 url src bad url
12 url src 404
13 url src 404
14 url src 404
15 url src 404
16 url src 404

The meaning of the errors:

404 is a plain site not found.
429 is a too many requests error. Actually had to look that up. This would mean too many accesses at the same time. Can’t imagine why that had happened.
004 should be the bad URL error. Which is due to the most obvious reason that the URL I wanted to add is fundamentally incorrect. Maybe I had made a typo or it contains an invalid prefix, which is, for instance, a typo in the domain name.
In this case, you simply correct the URL and you’re done.
Bad host And-

Basically there exist several classes of HTTP errors, which are:

  • 1xx: Informational – just to show you what happened, but no big deal
  • 2xx: Success – it worked!
  • 3xx: Redirection – this URL led to another
  • 4xx: Client Error – nope, that didn’t work from your side
  • 5xx: Server Error – nope, that didn’t work from the other side

Plugin Tests

Do the forms still work like I am expecting them too? Can I still register?
This is kind of a sanity check as well because from software testing I know anything can break easily without even noticing.
Therefore it’s good to do some sanity checks like this.

This time

Ads Performing

I had also implemented some Ads and am now questioning if I should remove them again.
But, since this is my first summer I may watch online, maybe this is just a seasonal issue I am not aware of:
Because my traffic seemed to decrease immensely again.

So let’s go on looking closer into the traffic:

Broken Links Check

What I always accustomed now to do on a consistent basis is a link break check.
Can still everything be reached for a user that’s new at this site?

Plugin Tests

Do the forms still work like I am expecting them too? Can I still register?
This is kind of a sanity check as well because from software testing I know anything can break easily without even noticing.
Therefore it’s good to do some sanity checks like this.

Ads Performing

I had also implemented some Ads again but came to the conclusion at the moment I won’t use them.
Because I’ve noticed the users didn’t like them. Neither did I. Because sometimes there are types of

So let’s go on looking closer into the traffic:

Most Read Content This Month

Now it is: Build a blog you can be proud of!


Income Report – May 2017

were the most read articles last month. And they are still this month.
This can change any second.

To not have to do this manually every time I’ve added an overview at the right,
so you can see the most interesting articles first at any time. And it gives me a clue that people want to learn how to earn
money without becoming emotionally overwhelmed. Which is interesting as well.

This is a one step more in the direction of:


Emotion and Business

come together.

Traffic Sources Rankings

Now I got enough data to show something here:

Any hints or tips? 🙂

Forum / Blog Posts

Here are the actual incomes for the last month, May 2017:

Affiliate Earnings

Clixsense: $0
Amazon: $0
Neobux: $20
Bluehost: $0
Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing*: ca. $300 indirectly
Reliable Soft Seo GUIDE*: $40
Sumo: $0
Other Affiliate Marketing earnings: $1009.63


Propeller Ads: +$0.37

I registered for a lot more Ad Networks now, now I have to see, how and if I can use them.

Active Online Earnings

Clixsense: +$20
Neobux: +$20

Deep-Trust coaching: $1040.00


Hosting: -$0.00


Income: at least $2130
Expenses: $0

Grand Total: have to recalculate. When the last money for last month has arrived.

Goals for Next Month

  • I still didn’t do it yet: Finally, do a video for Search & Replace
  • Update content, as always.
  • Optimize Content – yes. This, too. Create a Landing Page and a product.
  • I’ll definitely fire up Pinterest even more, which is crazy
  • Implement new blog colors (black, red, teal, and yellow)
  • Started finally last month to create a holbizmetrics Pinterest profile and build on it. Need to do more for that.
  • Create a featured image brand consistent imageUpdate my category tabs
  • Add more to lessons I’ve learned again.
    For example what pushed my traffic down.Paid Content
  • For deep trust, I wanted to create some texts that one has to pay for last month.
    This is no longer the case. Actually, I am going to do books, kindle books, video courses and/or audio courses.
  • Create a rough draft consistent with brandingSocial Media groups
  • Drive users to my Pinterest
  • Grow my Twitter followers
  • Eventually, add Tumbler or StumbleUpon or others.
    Yes, since that had been the goal for last month, I’ve added a LinkedIn Profile just right now.Traffic Sources
  • Seems like other people just starting out do way better, considering traffic.
    Hopefully, my LinkedIn start and some others help to improve the site as well.

~ Holger 🙂

P.S.: Where to find an overview of all the Income Reports?


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