Income Report November 2016

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Time has passed rapidly. Sometimes I even can’t believe it.
And I had a big epiphany being delivered by Gary Vaynerchuk:

Don’t create.

Big Shift(s)

Doing these things constantly I wrote about in Got Stuck? Flow Bottlenecks in WordPress and the follow-up article (with even more shortcuts).
And I’ve definitely learned for example that I don’t have to use my tool to create permalinks from headlines.
Just copy your headline into the permalink field and WordPress makes it fit for you. Awesome little tweak.
So if you wanna actualize your permalink after having changed your headline, there you go.

I learned a lot of stuff which makes my article writing a lot better and faster and less stressful.
What I still hate though, until now, is this distinction between paragraphs and just a new line.
Not because I don’t know. No. I know where I wanna have a paragraph and where I wanna have single lines.

No, it’s just sometimes not working as expected and I hate having to switch between the text editor and visual editor to get it done.
Because if it just doesn’t work I modify the HTML code.

Which brings a big shift, because I was constantly thinking about: What type of article I might create next?
It’s possible. Yes. And if you’re resourceful you can create lots of good articles.

But: I wanted to create more with a lot less stress. This time I had to become aware of this paradigm shift.
Because the difference is: Creating means you have to think, what might be interesting, what might be good, what might be read, right?
You don’t really know beforehand.
And shifting from creating to documenting just means I just can tell about my journey into this business.

Like I tried with the last article for example here:

Tell me, in your business, is there space for emotions?

I hope there is. 😉 If not, think about it. Because everyone is tired and scared.


What’s really important in my opinion is to automate as many things as possible.
I want to check my business rather than to run in this case.
Because I’d like to focus on articles.

Income Report.

Next one.

Income Report

What happened this Month?

So let’s see what happened this month. By the way this time it feels a lot soberer to do an income report.
The enthusiasm isn’t gone, but at the moment I don’t really feel it that strong anymore.
I love those feelings I had like before. I’d hate if they don’t come back.
But, like we all might have experienced, we need new stimulations otherwise we get bored.

We want security but not too much, because then we’d miss out the variety.
It’s always a thing about finding balances.

I made a lot of new acquaintances and establishing friendly relationships. Some were a little bit difficult.

What I did in October

I improved a lot of things again. That are not good right now, or I hate what they look like.
For example, I just noticed I always moved away from doing the reviews about the books I’ve read.
So I started this and even published, though it’s not finished yet. Gosh, so much work. 😉 But I love it.

I registered another domain called – Business Meets Emotion

Business Meets Emotion

because this matches much more what I am talking about here. Right?

I started improving this blog. I had to think about what I don’t like and what I do like.
There are many little things that need to be improved though, still.

I’ve uploaded a product called Search And Replace to the Toolbox that might be very helpful

Branding and Logo

This still a topic. Tried different things again. Don’t like it really. Nothing hit me like a ton of bricks. But neither stronger than just a little worm. Still

If you have a look at What Happened Last Month, you can see that I’ve developed a little bit better logo.
It still needs to improve, before I have the feeling I can use it everywhere. Let’s see, maybe I need even a designer for doing this.

And I am still thinking about how to integrate:

Business meets Emotion

But now it’s much more clear and I am expressing more here. This is an ongoing process that has to honed down.

Engagement Overview

This time it’s a different topic with traffic.
It got a lot more this time.

This is due to the fact that I went online with Twitter which went exceptionally well. I had a lot of followers in a short time.
Now it’s stopping at the moment so I have to do the next things to keep it / get it running again.

So well, yeah, I went online on Twitter and Pinterest as you might see above, the little Pinterest icon on top.

BUT: Something that pushes back: My Twitter account was suddenly suspended because Twitter thought I was using some automated tools to grow my followers. I didn’t.
But now my account is working again. And since a couple of days, I got now


for this page here. 🙂


Numbers – Facts

Let’s watch some numbers now.


Many sites just do a little image, even much more little than this to show their statistics.
This time the traffic is much more than last time.
I’ve chosen an interval of one month, which is represented by the blue line.
The orange line is the comparison to last month.

It increased by more than 200% and my own page impressions are not counted. They are filtered.

More Visitors

A lot more users visited this page since the month before November and they seem to be more engaged.
It’s still not much, so I have to do a lot more to produce traffic. Which is accomplished on one hand by just putting out greater and greater content, and on the other hand by actively increasing traffic, trying out new things.

This is not only because I went online on other social media platforms but also because I used some plugins in my chrome browser.
For example, Grammarly which helps tremendously in finding errors in your writing.
And as well found some cool tools and extensions to improve my WordPress Editor a lot.
Additionally, I learned a lot of little things what WordPress does I was not aware of.
This was definitely a game changer.

Very many times I could now shrink time-consuming tasks from some days to some hours.
Only considering the amount of writing and adding pics. It’s not about creating content.


What I even did is: Showing courage. I tried some things that are not recommended at all.
For example, I published some unfinished article. Which didn’t seem to hurt.

More Links – Improving older Text

I reworked some of the old texts a little bit. I will do these iterations from time to time with different articles.
Only like this, I can guarantee I will offer the most value possible.
If not, after a while not reading my articles, it can get a little bit foreign until I remember.
And then I got a very good perspective and will see if I still understand what I wrote.
If not, I’ll change it.

Later I am sure I will have an editor doing this.

From this point of view, there are no old articles. There are only old dates when they have been published.
For example, an article about self-image will always be valid. Maybe there will be better methods in the future, yes, I can’t deny that,
but for sure what works now will work later as well.

Introducing Lists

Personally, I hate to introduce lists to see what has to be done. And I am the paperless guy as far as possible.
I don’t need something in my hand to be creative.
But lists are effective, I have to face it.

And why I am using lists now to write down what has to be done?

Easy, because I will forget. Not important how good my memory is, sometimes you got these idea flashes and if you don’t catch them:


Like a pretty butterfly and be careful how you treat them because otherwise they might gonna die down.

So I will definitely have to install a new habit into me.
First I will do it the electronic way. I love to do it like this.
Using Evernote or maybe another tool that supports offline editing as well.

I will try to establish the habit: In the evening to create lists what has to be done.
So I got two things accomplished: I know what’s missing, I know what it’s done.
And I can measure my progress and time.

But it’s – thank god – still another thing than working FOR another company.
Because I don’t feel stressed at all. Only sometimes the “believed need” to have to put out an article is growing.

A Very Positive First Big Surprise

I earned my first cent, passively.


What I also accomplished is, I earned my first cent completely passively using Propellerads.

Some things though, are a little bit annoying with it.
I’ll definitely write a review about them.

So here I will only tell shortly, to put it in a nutshell.

Propellerads has several different types of ads you can apply for.
Big advantage: How many users or site impressions you have right now, will be no hindrance for registering.
But I can’t use banners unfortunately now. Because THEN you need more users and page impressions for sure.

I had told some friends about my blog here. One wanted to read the article Tell me – in your Business is there space for emotions?
on his phone and because of the ads I’d built in, he couldn’t read the article.
So I cut all mobile ads off, and I want to see what happens with mobile traffic this month.
And for sure I will use banners as soon as possible and I am searching for alternative possibilities.

More Ad Networks

I’ve registered for a lot more Ad Networks, and if I’d have much more users right now, I’d be able to approach completely
different possibilities, that are far more attractive. But I still have to work to get to this point. At the moment it’s not

For example, I’ve registered for:

Google Adsense

and some more.
I will give each of them a try and see if I can make those work here.

And some Survey Portals like

Opinion People

Most Read Content This Month

Now it is: Tell me, in your business, is there space for emotions?



were the most read articles last month. And they are still this month.
This can change any second.

To not have to do this manually every time I’ve added an overview at the right,
so you can see the most interesting articles first at any time. And it gives me a clue that people want to learn how to earn
money without becoming emotionally overwhelmed. Which is interesting as well.

This is a one step more in the direction of:


Emotion and Business

come together.

Traffic Sources Rankings

Now I got enough data to show something here:


I cannot clearly make a statement about those now.
Definitely, I got a lot more viewers that time, but when I look at other bloggers that have just started my traffic is very very weak right now. I have to change that. This is a thing I still struggle a lot with.

Any hints or tips? 🙂

Forum / Blog Posts

Here are the actual incomes for the last month, September 2016:

Affiliate Earnings

Clixsense: $0
Amazon: $0
Neobux: $0
Bluehost: $0


Propeller Ads: +$0.01

I registered for a lot more Ad Networks now, now I have to see, how and if I can use them.

Active Online Earnings

Clixsense: +$7.58
Neobux: +$0.63$


Hosting: -$0.00


Income: $13.34
Expenses: $0

Grand Total: $20

Interesting Values

Hourly Earning (every day 24 hours – every hour): 0.01$
Hourly Earning (every day 8 hours – every day): 0.02$
Hourly Earning (every day 8 hours – only during weekdays): ~0.03$

This means: What would be my income this month when I would work every hour every day (which is surely humanly impossible ^^)
Then I would have earned 1 cent per hour this month.

If I would have worked only 8 hours a day, but every day, no free day, then I would have earned 0.02$ every hour a day.

And if I would have worked only 8 hours a day and take every weekend free, then I would have earned approximately 0.03$ every hour a day.

But my goal is to scale that much higher. There’s still a lot of work to do and to scale, but I will keep doing it. No matter what.

Affiliate Marketing Links

The interest for Registering via Clixsense: $0, Amazon: $0, Neobux: $, or Bluehost: $0
has not been quite big. It’s normal. I am just starting off and need to learn a lot.

I had had another blog some time ago, which was called “Deep Comfort” (if you like to have a look, go to: and read it there.)
in German buried in right now. Where and when I still thought I can do everything my own way. Yes. I could. And I did.
But the traffic was always low. And didn’t improve.

Because I did an article for example like:

You’re blinding – The broadcasting blog.
Interesting, huh? But how the heck would you search for that? I wasn’t quite clear about that. I had to put work into that.
You wouldn’t be able to find that article easily in google. So I gave up that time, BUT the blog still got some traffic every day.

And I even added a donate button there, maybe there’s even some money still available, wish me luck. Maybe I am already rich and I just don’t know. 😉

Like I stated the month before, dry period is over, it starts raining. Raining what? Traffic. If every visitor is a rain drop it’s slowly getting wet now.
The desert is blooming.



What I’ve noticed about the Amazon Ads like I did it they even survive ad blocks.
This was just a coincidence and it’s good. 🙂

I just copied the link differently but it doesn’t hurt Amazon rules.
So I am safe.

Propeller Ads

I love them about it’s easiness to apply to a site. But what I hate is the content sometimes. Not good for my readers here.
I don’t want an ad on my site telling you: You need to update your phone because it is infected with a virus.
Or that an ad has a javascript that doesn’t let you leave the side until you click ok. And you might know this does something you don’t want. So the only solution would be to leave the browser or cancel the load or even having to clear browsing history.
And sometimes it might display adult content. Also not good.

And this is why I really had to remove the Propeller Ads because they seemed to cause some harm of traffic again.
And this is why I am not using at all on THIS PAGE at the moment.
But on another site.

I don’t want to molest the user with a popup that says: Install Now, otherwise your website won’t work.
Here are no special plugins that are needed, that will be like lying. And I hate. I wanna be trustworthy here and speaking the truth as well as possible.

The last section goes, next. Since I need to know what’s coming to focus better.


Goals for Next Month

  1. Update my About Me Page
  1. Create a Landing Page
  1. Work on creating my branding image
  • Implement new blog colors (black, red, teal, and yellow)
  • Create a Pinterest brand consistent image
  • Create a featured image brand consistent image
  1. Update my category tabs
  • Add more to things I’ve learned
  1. Paid Content
  • Especially for deep-trust I wanna create some texts that one has to pay for.
  • Create a rough draft consistent with branding
  1. Social Media groups
  • Drive users to my Pinterest
  • Grow my Twitter followers
  • Eventually, add Tumbler or StumbleUpon or others
  1. Traffic Sources
  • Seems like other people just starting out do way better considering traffic.

~ Holger 🙂

P.S.: Where to find an overview of all the Income Reports?


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