Income Report – September 2016

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It’s time. From now on I will publish a monthly income report.

My Second Income Report Ever.

I couldn’t resist writing “ever” again. But I’ll definitely stop that, the next income report. Haha. 🙂


So welcome to my very second income report I’ve ever written.
Feels even better than the last time. Let’s see how this changes when we continue 😉

Every month I will show you an income report, so you can see how this blog is progressing and what it took me to get there.

These will also be a reminder for me because I know how tricky everything can appear to remember, if you don’t consider your subconscious.

What I did in September

I started improving this blog. I had to think about what I don’t like and what I do like.
There are many little things that need to be improved though, still.

I’ve uploaded a product called Search And Replace to the Toolbox that might be very helpful


Branding and Logo

If you have a look at What Happened Last Month, you can see that I’ve developed a little bit better logo.
It still needs to improve, before I have the feeling I can use it everywhere. Let’s see, maybe I need even a designer for doing this.

And I am still thinking about how to integrate:

Business meets Emotion

arranging with the things I wrote before in the last Income Report.
The next version will definitely be coming.

Engagement Overview

What I noticed is that the traffic now is significantly lower than the last time.
At the moment I don’t know if this is due to the low spreading of my site yet.
Or something happened like being punished by Google. I hope not.

But I will keep going. Which is sometimes hard at the moment. Not because of the lack of motivation.
I still got plenty to write new valuable articles. No. It’s hard because of timing issues.
I still got a normal 9 to 5 job.

It seems like the changed statistics were caused by several facts:

  • I didn’t navigate on my site for some time, which basically means that I caused some unfiltered traffic myself.
  • I didn’t post regularly (consistency).
  • I didn’t offer much new content and/or publish the link in the Facebook profile.
  • I didn’t post in other forums to make the site more known.
  • I didn’t spend free money I got on Facebook advertising. Which definitely works.
  • I didn’t spread the links somewhere else so much which is
Traffic Overview – September 2016

This is the Raw Data View, where I applied no filter. But basically just made a copy, so whatever I do with the other data, and something gets messed up,
I always can rely on this view.

When I watch this now I am a little bit surprised.
I didn’t know that my emotions had distorted my result that much. Because I expected it to be worse than last month.
But it isn’t. It actually had improved.

Some values are still not available, e.g. Age and Gender which I hope to change this month.

Most Read Content This Month




were the most read articles last month. And they are still this month.
This can change any second.

To not have to do this manually every time I’ve added an overview at the right,
so you can see the most interesting articles first at any time. And it gives me a clue that people want to learn how to earn
money without becoming emotionally overwhelmed. Which is interesting as well.

This is a one step more in the direction of:


Emotion and Business

come together.

Traffic Sources Rankings

I cannot clearly make a statement about those now.
I got too less data. This will definitely be filled up the next month.

Forum / Blog Posts

Here are the actual incomes for the last month, September 2016:

Affiliate Earnings

Clixsense: $0
Amazon: $0
Neobux: $0
Bluehost: $0


Propeller Ads: +$0.00 

Active Online Earnings

Clixsense: +$7.58
Neobux: +$0.58$


Hosting: -$0.00


Income: $7.34
Expenses: $0

Grand Total: $5.34

Interesting Values

Hourly Earning (every day 24 hours – every hour): 0.01$
Hourly Earning (every day 8 hours – every day): 0.02$
Hourly Earning (every day 8 hours – only during weekdays): ~0.03$

This means: What would be my income this month when I would work every hour every day (which is surely humanly impossible ^^)
Then I would have earned 1 cent per hour this month.

If I would have worked only 8 hours a day, but every day, no free day, then I would have earned 0.02$ every hour a day.

And if I would have worked only 8 hours a day and take every weekend free, then I would have earned approximately 0.03$ every hour a day.

But my goal is to scale that much higher. There’s still a lot of work to do and to scale, but I will keep doing it. No matter what.

Affiliate Marketing Links

The interest for Registering via Clixsense: $0, Amazon: $0, Neobux: $, or Bluehost: $0
has not been quite big. It’s normal. I am just starting off and need to learn a lot.

I had had another blog some time ago, which was called “Deep Comfort”
(if you still would like to have a look, go to and read it there.)
in German buried in right now. Where and when I still thought I can do everything my own way. Yes. I could. And I did.
But the traffic was always low. And didn’t improve.

Because I did an article for example like:

You’re blinding – The broadcasting blog.

Interesting, huh? But how the heck would you search for that? I wasn’t quite clear about that. I had to put work into that.
You wouldn’t be able to find that article easily in google. So I gave up that time, BUT the blog still got some traffic every day.

And I even added a donate button there, maybe there’s even some money still available, wish me luck. Maybe I am already rich and I just don’t know. 😉

Like I stated the month before, dry period is over, it starts raining. Raining what? Traffic. If every visitor is a rain drop it’s slowly getting wet now.
The desert is blooming.


I really had to remove the Propeller Ads because they seemed to cause some harm of traffic.
I can’t tell yet if this is due to the interface of Propeller Ads’ interface or I used them wrong.
It will definitely be better when I got higher traffic evolved.
Because I want to just show them.

I don’t want to molest the user with a popup that says: Install Now, otherwise your website won’t work.
Here are no special plugins that are needed, that will be like lying. And I hate. I wanna be trustworthy here and speaking the truth as well as possible.

~ Holger 🙂

P.S.: Where to find an overview of all the Income Reports?


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