Learned Lessons

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What’s this? – Lessons Learned

A list of the things we struggle with summarized in a short overview, so we can see:

What had we been dealing with this month or the last few months or half year?
What did we do about it? Did it work? What did we tweak? How did that change our results?
So here you will actually find an overview about these things.

The latest entry will be at the top.

Actually, I missed this a little bit in other blogs.

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26.06.2017 Traffic Issues

Since now It had been a great struggle to actually accomplish to earn some money. Why? Because due to some major mistakes
I had done some harm. Without even noticing.

Most important issues:

Resolving Mixed Content Issues

What’s this? It means for example if you’ve upgraded to HTTPS and before were using HTTP, you still got both types of internal links in your site.
You should have only one type.

This is Mixed Content – this was Unveiled by SEMRush*

Broken Traffic Issues

Since I’ve found the analogy of this old game:

The installer’s craft is not easy. This puzzle game is about laying pipes to get the water in the right place.
Care is required because the water often has to change color!
Many levels keep different difficulties, and time is always working against you.

Exactly. That’s like I see traffic now. It’s already there. But we have to remove the blockages to make it flow.

WP Rocket

I’ve just bought WP Rocket because I heard so many good reviews AND gave others a try.
None was really working like I wanted for me, so I decided to use it.
So why won’t I add a link to it in here then?
Oh, I’ll definitely will. But first I’d like to test it a little bit more.

Sharpening my Detective Capabilities

Sherlocking my website recently brought a big bummer to the light:

I had forgotten to change some links when I started out using this site using a subdomain.
Before actually buying this domain. Whoops. That was not good. So some amount of traffic is definitely lost and went down the drain.

Google Web Master Tools aka Search Console

Before I even had bought reliable soft’s SEO Guide I didn’t think of

31.05.2017 Watching other Bloggers

I still watch the other bloggers. The best ones. And sometimes the little ones as well.
Little ones in these terms are the ones that earn little, but still more than me. :P. Yet. 😉
Why? Because it is sometimes very easy to see what they do and replicate it.
So you can apply it to your own business.

And I watch the big bloggers again.
One of the big ones is the blog of Michelle. 🙂
By the way, I love her attitude. As far as I can derive that from writing.

Interestingly I stumbled across her blog again a while ago, for example:

Making Sense of Cents – I had watched her grow from about 30.000$ and – I guess it was just one year later – about 130.000$ a month.
Definitely got me intrigued and I wanted to know more. It’s worth it.

You might read my review about her course:

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing*, too when I’ve finished executing on it. 🙂

1.5.2017 Investing in a Course:
Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

This was an opportunity I should have taken much earlier on. But I didn’t want to spend money on my site
until I earned enough.

But with more experience we learn to think a little bit different:

If I can calculate the risk for knowing that the investment and the gain are at least equal, it’s not really a loss of money.
And if we know that we can gain enough money by buying the course, it’s always worth it.

Because even after just implementing half of the course: I had the money regained.

But… It’s also interesting to see in this course that there are a lot of women. Which often might think a little bit different than men.
This is good. Because it gives different insights as well.

I’ll add a review on this site sometime when I’ve finished the course.

And I’ll add pros and cons. Because I’d love to give you an honest opinion.
Not tricking you to buy something that makes no sense.

But until now I really gained the insight that Michelle knows

about Making Sense of Cents.

3.1.2017 Trying out Products of other Bloggers

Or also watching them as a source of inspiration is always a good thing to do.
Measure the gap between what they are doing and you’re doing to get better and nearer to the success you want.

Thinking about maybe another blogger’s product soon.
Had watched all the other best bloggers.

For example:

The Huffington Post



Perez Hilton


And a while had also watched:

Timothy Sykes

Tuts Plus

Life Hacker

Slash Gear

Steve Pavlina


12.12.2016 The End of the Year

The year is almost over and I had a lot of things to do.
And you’ll notice as well, sometimes moving it forward is not that easy.

11.11.2016 Branding Issues

It’s getting better. Some things are pretty good. A lot of stuff needs still work.1
For example branding again. Recognizable factor.

10.10.2016 Improving my Articles

Articles are getting better and better. But I know I’ve cultivated to give real value in real life.
But does it come across on this site? Don’t have the impression yet.
I have to put more thoughts in.

09.09.2016 Creating Content

Just posting articles and hoping for something to work is not enough.
I had to put in more work.
More thoughts.

08.08.2016 Starting out and Creating the Idea

What did I learn from working on this site right now?

I had the idea to combine

Business and  Emotion

It’s working out to combine these. I think it is a great idea.
But it’s readable though not visible yet. The idea needs to grow. To manifest.

I need to integrate the emotional things in a way that everyone sees,
where I put something in, to emotionally learn.
That’s the real benefit of the site.

I guess I need only one color more.
The color to indicate that here is an emotional topic.
Maybe even with a symbol.

Have to make it clearer for the reader.

05.11.2016 Improving the Headlines

I had to learn a lot about writing better headlines. There is still a lot of improvement needed.
To make users find my site. I had to actualize content a lot.
And consistency is one thing.

Now I need to make a list because it’s almost impossible to remember all those things.
And it’s far from being perfect.
It’s important to make a list to remember issues that have to be solved or done.
And then to hone them down iteratively.

Just registering to ad networks is not a good idea.
I have to make them work without annoying the user.
For that I used propellerads.