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This site is providing you with all types of sources you can use to create your business online.
AND will also add resources to release your emotional blockages and detoxify your whole mental system. 🙂

So start using it right now and check back often. I will add things constantly.
Maybe this will even grow into a category later on. But I don’t know yet.

Foreword: Be sure, when using any of the resources

Need to release heavy toxic emotional baggage?

Guide to coping with negative emotions and accelerate your healing process.
Guide to work faster on a PC.

Need something you didn’t already find for your blog?

External Resources:

Free Video Resources

Pexels (also allowed to use them in commercial productions)

They have short videos as well as pictures. So you can get a lot there.
I’ve even made a video with one of my compositions that consists of videos that were downloadable from

Now you can go and create your own video if needed. 🙂

Free Image Resources

Pixabay (also allowed to use them in commercial productions)

Pixabay is definitely the platform I’ll use most to find any pictures I need. If I don’t want to pay.
You can search categories in English and German. I didn’t try any other languages though yet.
Be aware that the same term in different languages produces different results.
So you’re definitely having an advantage if you speak their language.
Registering will enable you to download pictures in full size without having to confirm a captcha every time.

It’s barely possible to make a mistake with those photos because all are announced as CCO (Creative Commons).

It also offers to get the even better pictures from Shutterstock, if you’re willing to pay.


Unsplash, in my opinion, is definitely the 2nd best to choose from this list.
Because the pictures have a little bit of lower quality in general.

Uses the same approach as Pixabay. You got additional options to watch pictures by
downloads, views, trending at so on. This means you got a lot of selection criteria to make finding pictures quite easy.

Stock snap is another platform that has a lot of pictures to offer.
Though I did not find some pictures, for example, using the keyword “rage” or “argument” I only found 1 free picture.
The rest would be Shutterstock offers. Pixabay is a better option in that case.

Shopify’s Burst

Burst shows the category below the search box.
There is also a choice of Latest and Popular.
The categories are highlighted by text printed on each picture representing one category.

I used my favorite word or words to search for again, like “argument” and “rage” which just produced a “not found” error.
But you may search for sunsets for example.


Reshot also has a quite decent selection of usable quality photos.
Again, no results for “rage” or “argument”. But use it, for example, to search for animals, humans, men, women and so on.
But they also offer packs. To download. Only condition: You have to tweet the pack to download.
I mean, why not? It’s marketing for them and free traffic, free value for you.


FoodiesFeed doesn’t like ad blockers. So if you’re using one, switch it to off if you want to use their photos.
You find all types of food-related photos, like cocktails, fruit, meals, a complete dinner table for several people.
There is no person in the photo normally, or you just see there torso, hips, hands or so. But never the person’s face.
Is it what you need? Then well, go for it. 🙂


Gratisography has a lot of photos with kind of a weird twist to it.
For example, a little kid spraying MOM onto a wall. Persons with glasses made of garbage.
They even announce it like this:
Quirky, Creative, Always Free Photos.
Need something with a twist? Then this is the site to go for!

Has a decent selection of photos and even if you need some emotional ones,
there at least some photos you may choose from. At the right sidebar is a tag cloud,
where you may select from as well.


Seems not to be working right now. But for sure it did before.
So at the moment, I cannot recommend it. Will tell you more when it is working again.

MMT Stock

MMT seems to have a lot of tech-related and natural stuff. Like pictures from road trips or a street, cars, pen and paper and so on.
But you will not find pictures of persons.
If you try to, you’ll find a selection of Shutterstock photos to choose from, if you’re willing to pay.


Picjumbo has more to offer than MMT stock.
When I clicked on the page I was presented with a woman standing on a snowy road.
Palms in the Caribbean and a macro shot of a flower for example or a roller coaster.


First impression of SKitterPhoto: Buildings, Cars (especially a lot of race car pictures) and flowers.
As well as some abstract compositions.

Life of Pix (and free Videos!)

Amongst some others, they offer also pictures of persons.
For example searching for “belt”, though begs you to pay Adobe Stock photos instead.

Little Visuals

Will provide you with pictures that look more like hobbyist style (my subjective opinion).
Though they still have quite a good quality.
Before downloading them in high-res, the site wants you to subscribe.
And if possible, donate.

The search is hidden in the left sidebar if you click on the element in the green bar.
And it seems like the pictures are ordered in weeks. Like if one was uploaded in week 13,
then you got a tag and the week below the pic.

Death to Stock Photos

Interesting page. Everything is moving, changing.
Pictures seem to have quite high quality.
But as far as I understand right now, you need at least to subscribe or pay for a membership.
So it’s not free anymore. Definitely looks different since my last visit there.

You get only a part of their selection that they’ve assembled for you.
They announce this:

Sign up to access our creative mind directly in your inbox.
You will occasionally get free photo packs to kick off new projects
+ ongoing prompts and experiments to keep you fuelled and inspired.

New Old Stock

New old stock will show you pictures from the past that you can use.
Vintage Photos so to say. Creating a nostalgic feeling is what you’re all about right now?
Then go for New Old Stock.

Jay Mantri

All I can see here are some free videos and some free photos that you may use or not use.
I cannot see any search.

Don’t forget to scroll down. It’s not just 3 or 4. The site automatically updates when you get down.


This is a site hosted on Tumblr.

Click on the archive to get an overview or use the search at the very top, to see what you may get.

This is why the site exists:

As Visual & UX designer and Lean Startup coach I create a lot of landing pages and prototypes to collect feedback and test various business ideas, so I know how important it is to make things FAST yet still beautiful (yes, we all believe in low fidelity prototypes but people still prefer beautiful things :)).


Shotstash reminded me more of Pixabay and Unsplash again.
Looks decent. And you can find all kinds of pics again.
Quite high quality, subjectively. Definitely, a place to go!


This definitely reminds me of one thing immediately:

Use those to create your Pinterest Affiliate Pins. They look vey clear. Mostly white.
All seem to be of the same type though. Perfect to just use it and add a text. Finished.
You got a stylish looking Pinterest Pin.


Tagging those I would assign three keywords to those photos:

Food, People, Coffe Shop.

There are also some peoples of animals.
And others. Interesting style. Definitely worth a try.

Online Image Editor


SumoPaint (Login / Signup is needed)

Photoshop Express (Needs Flash)

Lunapic (has a lot of instant ffull-screenfilters)

FotoFlexer (Needs Flash)

Online Social Media Editor (to Create Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook Pics and so on)








Data Manipulation

Nimble Text Live


Text Slave