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Before you ask yourself:

Is this now a PTC-Site Blog?

No definitely not. I will build the strategy of this site

Business meets Emotion

more. And establish ideas. And strengthen the principles.

I want to show you some emotional and conceptual things, by taking you through here.

Here this is in French on my computer always. Maybe because I am right now in Switzerland.

If you didn’t follow the Clixsense-Tutorials yet, please follow through there. And then come back here.
And you might experience Resistance now:

  • I skip this
  • I don’t have to do this
  • Why do I have to do this at all
  • follow another article or two until 
  • You shouldn’t misdirect me here.

These or other thoughts might suddenly pop up out of nowhere.  And they all indicate somehow that you


That’s how you can recognize resistance. And it is an emotion.

So again: If you have no experience in earning money online, whether with your own site or using another:
go back and read that Clixsense Article.

Neobux advertises with:

I doubt this is the only one you’ll ever need, because we already had another one. You know now. 😉
But it’s never bad to have several income streams, right?

If you are really commited to push through here and already did read the first article on earning money here, good, read on.
If you got already experience with that, yes, then for sure you can skip it. You could also skim it then.

If you have read the first Artikel dealing with Clixsense and maybe even the following you will notice something here:

The Teacher at the Blackboard-Effect

I call this experience “Teacher at the Blackboard”-effect. In this case I don’t know the “official term”, if you do, tell me. 🙂
This means, where I might explain you some things that even might appear difficult firsthand, you use the guide and easily follow through.
And you think you know how this all works now and think you can do it easily on your own.
Don’t let your subconsciousness mislead you that way.

Because with everything we need 3-4, sometimes 100 times. Who cares if you finally succeed?
And I know our society is different. Most of the time you get 3 tries anywhere, maximum, and if you still fail:
be gone. Gone with the wind.

And this is the time where we try this without the teacher at the blackboard. Do it on your own.

This is not that kind of tutorial to show you everything by guiding you through. This might be one of the few exceptions.
This is an article showing you what you might emotionally experience.

Register your Second PTC-Site

Ok. Let’s start. I want you to register Register at Neobux.

The startpage looks like this right now, but should be shown in your language. This is automatically derived.
If it appears in a language you don’t understand click the little flag at the right top edge:

Comparisons to Clixsense – and what to do now

Did you register? Good. Then there will appear the ads. You will see that there are some similarities, though in every slight details it might be different.
When you click on an ad, there will always appear a quite little red dot, the cat like in Clixsense you won’t find here.

You got also the chance to win some money here if you play for the



is the same like

ClixGrid Game in Clixsense.

Every ad you click in Neobux enables you to play for some AdPrizes where you can win more chances or real money.
So it’s basically the same concept like in Clixsense.

Here are the tasks I want you to accomplish,

right after you registered:

Click ALL the Ads. And earn your first real money. In opposite to Clixsense the window doesn’t have to be focused.
And the O will turn orange in a circle, so you know when the close button is about to appear. Click that close button, when it is appeared and collect your money.

Hint: Since this is your way to earn money, if you’re not inspired yet or want to watch a video while doing this, you definitely can. Some people might even not notice anymore.
If you got two screens, put a movie on one or the Youtube Video you wanted to watch and on the other one, start earning.

Reach those Goals

in a couple of days: earn more than $0.10 dollars.

after a week: get at least one bonus.

It is not important how you earn or get your bonus, it is only important THAT you will get it.
Because this makes sure you have to look deeper at the site to see where those bonus opportunities are hidden.

and after one month: earn some dollars at least.

If you figured out how the bonuses work, this should be easy.

If you’ve done all that, try to optimize your earnings, i.e. more money in less time. See where this leads to. How much time do you have to spend for how many money?
See what your wages are.

And be conscious about: This is still everything active working.

And a bonus goal  after any time would be:

Make very little but serious passive money using Neobux.

This will force you to have a look at:

Which possibibilities are there to make a passive income?
Even if it’s only 1 cent and you succeeded, this means you taught your brain something new:

You CAN earn money passively, and it’s not as difficult as you though.

This might be tempting if you’re from a non-western country where some dollars might be a serious money still, especially if you got free internet access,
don’t miss that opportunity.

And I bet if you see all this and begin to connect the dots, you will understand much more about Clixsense as well. Because those effects add up and multiply.
And now you might even get active and see what’s up in those forums there. Looking for the stats of another user.
Some might even earn a lot a month.

This should be your next question then:

How do others make more Money from these Platforms?

We want to know. You should see how they did this. Follow them. Don’t stalk them. This means: Have a look and figure out how they do it.
Everything which is still polite and legal is allowed. Why not asking them? Write them a message. Start a discussion in the forum, if it’s not already discussed.

“But I am not the type of person that does this…”
“But I never…”
“But it’s supposed to be like…”

If this thought pops up and you don’t want to let go of this right now, read about self-image first. Because this definitely contains a limitation in yourself you might not be aware of yet.

Haha. Now I made myself curious and I will have a quick look at same stats of other users. Maybe I can figure out something.
Ok, let’s see what we got here.

How can I learn, how the others do it?

Here is even a forum link where a user offers a handy application to handl the referrals better

Neobux Referrrals Handy Manager 2.6 (Feb 2016)

With this software you are enabled to import your exported referral data and analyze it.
Because this is where you can make serious money as well. I am really sometimes amazed of what people put in to get money out.
But they won’t do it, if it isn’t worth it.

There’s always the triage

  • Emotion
  • Motivation
  • Character Traits

If you’d like to know more on those three, I urge you to have a look at deep-trust.
Where I will tell you a lot more about how to cope with those and WHY they are so important in my opinion.

If someone does this he/she will always get:

Emotions out of this. And we’re hoping for the positive ones. I guess you’d be feel happy for some moments if you got a lot of money out of Neobux suddenly.
We have a Motivation that drives us to reach our goal. It might be more freedom. No more work for Friday.
And you need some Character Traits like Endurance to push through.

Mimick what they do. Observe them. And do the same you figured out. If you find something where you can’t go on, find out how they push through.
You can’t figure out?
Ask those people directly. If they don’t answer for a while – because they might be busy as well – try to find your answer with google or in another forum.
A forum might be better. Maybe there exists another PTC-Forum.

I just did a quick search. I didn’t check the quality of the site, but here you might ask:

Talk PTC

I’ve selected the section: Stable PTC Sites, after a very quick check, where you WILL find more valuable resources.
And you find Clixsense and Neobux there too.

This is a forum that also handles the questions about how to get more referrals too.

Get the most out of it.

How does it make you FEEL?

I definitely know what could happen. You start to read the article. And then you stop in between.
Because you think:

“What, without guidance?”

Yes almost completely without my guidance. Because I want you to see what you emotionally experience.

Which struggles do you come up with?
Where did you want to give up?
Or: Did you catch yourself even pushing through, but normally you don’t?

That’s the things you should learn.

Keep a journal of what you did with Neobux to see, where you chickened out. And improve on that over time.

Get the best out of it and succeed.

What are the Personal Benefits?

You become stronger. And I can’t help you on that. Because if you don’t try these things it’s only just plain useless content and text in here.
Something you might even think is interesting to lead.

But you have to put some effort into it to get something out of it.

And: the more effort you put into it, the more you get definitely out of it.
With time you will notice not practicing makes perfect, but perfect practicing does.
This means just don’t cautiously click the ads, improve your strategy. Always.

It’s already a success, if you don’t forget to click the AdPrize and maybe win something.
It’s a success if you notice, oh, you opened two Ads at once and now get only paid for one.
Next time you open one after another and get paid for all.
It’s already a success if you read the forum and find something you didnt’t know about before.

Let’s see what you got out of your first Neobux month and tell me about it here.

Maybe you even win some AdPrizes?


Good Luck and Success.

~Holger 🙂


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