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Own Created Tools:


Split Browser

I definitely hated to have no good possibility viewing several tabs on one screen.
Now we can. There are different possibilities.
One is to use to download the Split Browser I’ve created.

Since it didn’t exist, I created it.
For Windows PC.
Split Browser.
Watch different tabs in one view. Side by side.
Version 0.1 Pre-Alpha can be downloaded here:

Search And Replace

edit_find_replace Search And ReplaceGet Rid of your Monkey Texting

Download Search and Replace here: Search And Replace (Version from 2017-09-21)
Search And Replace (version from: 2017-09-15)
Automate repeated text tasks and get rid of all that monkey texting.
Every time you search and replace and notice: […]Search And Replace

(Coming: contact ContactA new Contact Organizing Experience)


Tools of other Companies:

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