Unlock your Trophy

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Gain access to the Board and make your success measurable.
If you someone who intends to earn money with your blog, you’re invited to join.

Here I will introduce something very special for you.
And yes, it’s already in work.

The Rules


Levels are the most important thing. It’s like in a computer game.
To be able to get to the next level you have to finish the level before.
There’s no possibility to skip.


Bonuses can be reached at any time.
It’s awesome if you can reach the bonus when it’s intended to be.
Sometimes it just doesn’t work. For example, in one level you might need to have a comment on your blog.
But you’ll never know when that happens.





Take your blog to the next level to finish.

The Walk of Shame

and Enter

The Hall of Fame

Get Access to All the Badges.

Which success will you unlock next?

Any questions? Just write me an email.
I’ll read all.

Version 0.1

LevelDescriptionYour BlogTrophyBonusNotes
Ready - Set - Go!
0You just created your blog.
Read Me
1You published your first blog post.
2You shared your first blog post on social media.
2 BonusYou got some engagement on social media: Like/Retweet/Comment.
3 You got your first 1000 HITS.
3.1You got your first 1000 PAGEVIEWS.
3.2You got your first 1000 visitors.
4People can subscribe to your site.
4.1You got your first subscriber.
5First earnings
5 BonusPeople demand your own product.
5.1You created your first product
Your content went viral.