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Improve Your Visualization


Just imagine:

Everything we do has its birth in just one thought. Every action, every word, everything we create, first only exists in our mind.

Because we can imagine things we can make them happen. This enables us to set and achieve goals.
The better we visualize our life how it’s gonna be, the more likely it is to get there.

And YES! This is not always easy and if you think you need to much willpower because it’s too much of an effort to get there, you might have a read here:

Training the Mind IS Training the Body as well

Your brain cannot differentiate well between real action and mental action. I mentioned that already before.
There has been researching done showing that thinking about an action — even while your body is at rest — will fire the neural pathways in your brain just as you were actually doing it.

To see this for yourself:

hold a piece of string and let it dangle. Then, keeping your hand as still as you can, imagine twirling the string around. Most likely, the string will begin to move, ever so slightly.

And that’s the good news:

mental training can improve almost all our skills and fast-track us towards our goals.

For instance, many psychologists and life coaches recommend mental rehearsal for all sorts of things.

Usually, it is social or work-related:

to enhance assertiveness, smooth out an interview or a meeting, or even to enhance a date. Athletes at the highest level are also encouraged to use visualization to improve their technique, motivation and drive. When interviewing Olympic gold medalists, they discovered that several winners used visualization, not just for the sports technique, but also to capture the feeling of being awarded a medal.

5 Applied Visualization Techniques

How do we develop and apply the powerful skill of visualization?

Here I present five basic exercises in order of difficulty. Do them in order, moving on to the next one only when you have mastered the first. You can take as many days as you like to get really good at each level, there is no rush.

1 Exercise: Photo

You got no photo at the moment but are in front of your computer? Good. Just open any image network and use the first image your find.
If it’s too complex you might even start with a square.
Or maybe the watch below:


You’re asking yourself why it is so difficult for you?
Ok, let me ask – for the majority of you – how many times did you visualize something? Purposefully? Like here?
Didn’t you? Not much? A few times?
Ok, do you think your biceps grows from curling with some dumbbells a few times? No.
You have to put work in. Also if it’s just visualization.

If you started with the square and then you might have been doing with the watch. Try to improve any time.
Don’t worry if you fail. No one is controlling you or judging you for this.
It only happens in your mind.
You’re the only one responsible.

2 Exercise: 3D

Let’s add another dimension. 3D. Choose something which is simple. Maybe a dice or a coin.

For the second exercise, we’re going three-dimensional. This time, take up a small object: perhaps your pen or your keys. Again, analyze all the details and memorize it. Take your time.
Close your eyes and just try to imagine the dices until they appear in front of your inner eye. See everything. Every detail.
You might turn it, zoom in or move your virtual camera around. Yes! This is your virtually imagined playground.
You CAN and are ALLOWED to do everything here. You should!

If you feel like being even one step further, try for example to imagine the dices swim on the water.
Or maybe they’re on a surface of glass or wood.
Play with the saturation, brightness, contrast and all the filters you come up with.
Find the one that suits you the most, i.e., in this case, this is the one that brings you the best pic.

3 Exercise: Recreate

Exercise: Recreate the objects from Exercise 2
This time it depends. May be hard for you or works like a charm.
Bring up the dices or whatever you choose to visualize before

Just re-imagine the thing you saw before, but now produce it into the real world.
For example in your left or in your right hand.
And then play with it. For example, it could fall off your hand. Appear on the wall.

4 Exercise: Teleport yourself – Mental Movie

Haha. When writing this I suddenly feel the urge to go there. Ok, folks. I am sure I will be on vacation soon. 😉

Now bring yourself to a place you’d like to be in. This time it’s important to really be there. Imagine yourself being in that concrete scene.
This will be fun to think of.

Maybe you’d like to go to the grand canyon.
Or the Niagara falls.
What about Hawaii?
or one of those amazing dream beaches?

Now manifest yourself more and more in that location. Can you hear and feel the wind blowing?
People playing or talking?
Can you feel the sand below your feet?
Can you perceive the air somehow?
What does it smell like?
Imagine you got some food or a drink you are enjoying there.

Make this your mental movie.

It’s the movie in your mind. Your mental movie in your mental movie theater and it has to be as strong and vibrant and detailed as you can.

5 Exercise: Interact

Talk to people there.
Splash into the water.
Rip out some grass.
Throw some sand.
Sit on a bench.


Interact with people as well. Imagine you go into a club there.
Or you’re having a talk with people from there. Bring in your dream girl. Or your dream guy.
Imagine how you dance with that person. What do you feel?

Maybe you will even notice one thing:

The dream becomes more real, i.e. the visualization just seems to go on for itself.
You’re the autopilot.
You can always decide how things are determined to be there.
This is your virtual playground.

Imagine as well other people interacting with you first. For example, someone coming and hugging you.

Detail and Realism

Did you ever hear that sentence:

“The reason we emphasize detail and realism is simply because practice doesn’t make perfect.
As you might have heard, only perfect practice makes perfect.”

Let me ask you now what you want to do, what you want to have and how you want to BE in life.
No matter if it’s having an amazing career, buying a sports car, creating a hugely successful company or meeting someone you love.
Possibly it just appeared right in front of your eyes right now. It will for sure give you a good feeling and motivation, but in the long term, it’s doomed to fail.

Realism is important.

You’ll never win a martial arts tournament by sitting in front of your computer playing a martial arts video game.
You have to train for real as well. This is never an excuse to take action.
And it’s also never an excuse to get somehow rid of reality.
It has to be as close to reality as possible.

What will be interesting though, you will come to the conclusion you might even become aware of the same mistakes you do when visualizing properly as in real life.
Even if you only rehearse it.
Becoming sweaty, excited, anxiety, stress. And this might all happen when you sit on the bus. Apparently relaxed!

Don’t think you fail if it feels like that. You should! If you were scared before and you make it as real as possible in your mind it’s likely to experience the same feelings.

I experienced the same. Does this mean I did something wrong? No. Exactly the opposite. I did it right. This is the success!
Because now it meant my mental rehearsal starts to work.

If you’d like to experience and hear or read more about this you can get: The New Psycho-Cybernetics*.

When it becomes real I did all the same things like I did them for real and I made the same mistakes,
and then finally ALL the improvements I made there, in my mental rehearsal begin to manifest in the real world as well.
Where I WANT them to improve.

Combine Visualizing with your SET Goals

Now, what if we’re not dealing with a physical skill? What if you had set a goal for something like money, a new career or a holiday?

Visualization applies in much the same way. Here are some tips for applying it to your goals:

  1. Focus on the positive. The thing you want to have. Not the thing you want to get rid of. When I wanted to lose weight, I initially made the mistake of posting pictures of my fat body all This didn’t work: by focusing on my fat, I was just keeping the fat there. I should have been visualizing the belly muscles I wanted.
  2. Have it, don’t want it. Think of something you really, really want. Now, do you have it? Probably not. Most often, wanting is the opposite of having. So when you visualize, don’t think about wanting something, see yourself as already having it. So it will naturally come to you. You might read more about this in the Hero – Secret*.
    And I’ll definitely relate to the books I mention here.
  3. Be consistent. You have to really work hard on this. Your mind is a muscle, just like your body. The top bodybuilders didn’t get to where they are by working out for two minutes a day.
    They worked hard for it. Make your goal your burning obsession.
    You can learn more about this in Think and Grow Rich*.
    It’s supposed to be a business book in my opinion. But it’s also great at start considering developing yourself.I will mention and a quote some things out of this book from time to time.
  4. Be specific. Most people have vague goals.They vaguely want to be rich, or they want to travel somewhere nice.Where? Oh, never thought about it much.
    It’s like getting into a car with a vague goal of wanting to buy… something.
    Not going to happen, right?You want to have a specific goal:I’m going out to the supermarket to buy myself some shampoo and a toothbrush.

    It is the same with your goals.
    Set it in as much detail as you can:

    a specific amount of money

    how about one million?

    So you can as well measure your goals and see how far you’re from it.
    Or if you have to correct your course.

Visualization is contained in the roadmap to your success. Daily. Consistently.


Shoot me your messages and comments. I’d like to help. Wherever I can.
Enjoy your day. 🙂
And visualize your dreams. 😉
Be bold.

~ Holger


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