What happened?

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What happened?

Hey, guys. You might still wonder why I don’t write anything here lately.
Oh, I do. But I am not ready to publish again yet.

I am not the guy who Gives up easily on something. So I am determined to continue and learn.
No matter what. And I will turn this site into something successful.
And as far as possible share everything I put in there.

I get it guys. You must be dead waiting.

And I am dead serious to continue.

How did this make me feel?

And damn I got

  • scared
  • angry
  • hurt (lol, obviously) inside and outside
  • and pissed.
  • embarrassed, too.

All at the same time. A nice cocktail of emotions.

And then I noticed it takes a lot to gain the momentum again for me.

You know that, don’t you?
Not because I’ve lost it in terms of motivation.
No. I needed:

– Focus
– Willpower (Yes, I do. Even if I tend to talk always about self-image)
– building the habits (another thing one can do to reduce the amount of needed willpower.)

And I thought shit, will this ever be up and running again?
which at the time is true.

I had a lot of plans what I intended to publish here. A lot of ideas are still saved in my head.
And now I am getting forward slowly speeding the process up again.
How did someone say – maybe you remember who – I forgot:

Continuing now.

In every very hard challenge, there are gold nuggets. But you gotta dig deep dude.

Anyone knows? Just hit me up.

Look what I’d intended to do a lot of time before was to move this site to:

BusinessMeetsEmotion.com, just have a look. But at the moment it is just the same site. 🙂
Complete same content.

Because I think this name

Holbizmetrics it is related only to me.
You could see it at least from two sides:

Selfish, because the name is related to me.
Confident, because I have built up the trust to release something like that.

And Business Meets Emotion is a term that is not about who created it, what you can do with it,
no, first it’s just plainly and concisely:

What is this all about?

Why do we try to cut off emotions in business?

This makes no sense. Because we’re emotional human beings.
And we rationalize afterward.


What I want to do with this blog is to contribute.
Help everyone who reads this blog.
Build a business and share.

And now I wish you all successful and happy joyful weekend.

Have a nice day.

Ciao. 🙂



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