Why Holbizmetrics and What Does it Mean?

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Ok. First things first. In the first post, I explained a little bit about this site. Now it’s time for more.

What does Holbizmetrics mean?
(aka Business meets Emotion)

This is a question I’ve been asked a lot among my friends recently.
It’s easy. Let’s decrypt this word. And explain every syllable.

HOL Holger That’s my Swedish / Germanian (not German! 😉 my first name
BIZ Business I don’t have to explain that. Do I?
METRICS Metrics If you want to measure. This blog enables me to measure my success.

This is how I got the domain name.
At the moment I won’t care if it is something like a word that exists for real. Or something that is really SEO affine.
I only wanted to make sure it is READABLE.

Why this Blog? Aren’t there already enough?

Haha this is a good question you might ask yourself. Yes. Maybe there are enough. And you don’t
want to hear the 637467th version of “How to do X…” or “Don’t do y” or “How x made me y.”
I know. I know.
But did you hear my version? Are you open to hop on my journey and see how I provide things?

I am open to new ideas. Always. Because closed-mindedness is no option for me.


Maybe you find something here you won’t find anywhere else. No matter if it is about earning money or
what might limit you from even getting to earn money because you’re not aware of how your self-image might hold you back
and you don’t even know.

Sometimes a little twist like turning an “I can’t” into an “I won’t” will uncover things you’ve never even thought about.
And though they’re still crucial to your success.
Maybe something about me unique style just turns you on and you love to read those articles. It’s sexy.

Which value does this Site provide?

You will find some real diamonds here you won’t find on other sites. Because I like to think out of the box.
Mostly in a way where people tend to say: Oh, that’s a good idea. Finally, someone does it.
But sometimes it’s just too complicated to understand, because I love nerd talk, too.
Here I try to keep myself from using too complex sentences or words. That’s mainly because I am not a native speaker.
And I want to keep this blog as easily understandable as possible. Got it?


This is the same question like why, when and how should you use it?

This blog will contain guides that will be

business related
Self-development related
and combined.

Especially the combined one is where I was coming up with first. That’s how business meets emotion.
I wanted to create something unique and new. And this journey started with a simple idea.
Now if you get motivated yourself, but you lack that steamy idea, just don’t put it off.
You don’t have to start with a crazy unique idea that has never ever been there before.
And it doesn’t have to be an immediate jackpot.
Just grow your idea. Trust in your idea so it gets bigger. Only one person is reliable for that. You.

Work toward your Goal

You don’t have to start big. Focus, set goals and then work your way toward your goal. That’s it.
That’s what I do, too. And yes, there’s a lot of work going on to get your blog up and running.

And what I learned as well is: Not only focus and hard work is needed. Also a good portion of luck.
That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t succed without luck. That just means do the thing where you got an
unfair advantage and stick to it. If it fails, try the next thing. I hope this brings the message across.

We will travel this journey along together if you’d like to. This is a dialog. Not only me talking and providing content and you sitting there being silent.
You can interact with me.  You can tell me what you like and what you don’t. You can co-create here.
Or suggest what you want to read next, like for example another possibility to earn money.
Or how you might improve your workflow when you look at the tools page.

Emotional Blockages- What to do now?


No one tells you normally what you should do in that case:

You are starting your business. Let’s assume online. There are all those things to do. By your own.
In German, this would make a good description by the word itself.
Where it is called “self-employed” in English, it’s called “selbstständig” in German.
So in English, we talk about employing ourselves.
While in German we talk about to do everything ourselves (“selbst”) and this all the time (“ständig”).

And then you find this one huge but thoroughly written guides. It handles everything.
Technically. But what if you still get scared? What do you do know?
What to do, if you think: I could do this tomorrow. There’s enough time.
But…What if you think like that every day? How to escape this vicious loop?

Those and much more are the questions and things I want to handle here.
To get you an emotional guide WHILE you are busy accomplishing technical skills.

I want to get you going. Straight to success as much as possible. As fast as possible.
But this still can’t be a replacement for a magic pill. It doesn’t exist.
But here you’ll find some things too, that come pretty close.

And every shortcut to success cuts your success short, like a wise man once had said.

The only things I have found, in the long run, to really shortcut to your success, are:

  • Perfect Practice makes perfect.
  • Being in flow state can reduce learning time about 230%
  • Focus
  • See everything you read or watch as a tutorial
  • Be consistent
  • Make notes.
  • Release your resistance
  • Repeat

More “shortcuts” are not really to be found. And  to be more precise here:

Perfect practice means to try every time to improve your level. Until you reach mastery.
You try to achieve a higher level every time. But in the long run, you’re still happy about every little progress.
So you get better in the long run.

Flow state, Wikipedia calls it:

In positive psychology, flow, also known as the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does.

If you’d like to know even more, have a look at the great TED talk:


or as described by the author of the book flow:

“You are in an ecstatic state to such a point that you feel as though you almost don’t exist. I have experienced this time and again. My hand seems devoid of myself, and I have nothing to do with what is happening. I just sit there watching it in a state of awe and wonderment. And [the music] just flows out of itself.”

To contrast here is another video that is not widely known yet, but I like the definition she gives:

And 10.000/2.3 ~= 4350 hours this is an enormous reduction of time needed to reach mastery level at anything.
So where you would need a couple of years to get really really good at one thing, you can almost master 3 in the same time.
Isn’t that awesome?

Focus means in that case that you only concentrate on the thing you wanna do or accomplish.
That means if you want to write a text, you don’t check your social media in between.
If you want to chat with someone you don’t watch the people outside.
If you want to compose music, you don’t eat all the time or smoke or whatever. No.
You give that thing you want to accomplish your undivided attention. That’s it.

See everything you read or watch as a tutorial means don’t just read the book and hope for something to magically happen.
Normally it won’t. There are always exceptions, but if you rely on that exception, pheeeeew, you’re f****. You know what I mean.
That’s a very low percentage. And assume it costed you 1000$ or more to even obtain that information.
And a like a good friend you want to consult him and spend time with him again and again.

Read the article “Yeah I know that already”  to get a better idea.

Make notes: this is still a trap I might fall into, too. Because we’re amongst people that soak the magic pill mentality in.
And because we take everything in like a sponge – if we want it or not – it’s a good idea to remind yourself that the magic pill
mentality is never true. So I can’t just sit down and watch a video and suddenly I am able to execute on the information.
Heck no. I have to do it over and over again until it works. That’s the only secret to success.

That’s the only secret to success. And to do this on a consistence basis.

Release your resistance, that’s another big part that has to do a lot with our self-image.
We are scared to do what we don’t know. On the other side if it works out better than we thought, we might start sabotaging ourselves.
Therefore it is important to – on one side, release the resistance of what we’re holding back – and on the other side is important as well to let go of the need of always feeling happy.

Don’t just reject and suppress everything now, because then it would lead to apathy, so you would feel nothing anymore at all.

Don’t loose hope. Ok? Just go on.

What’s coming up Next?

Looks. – I will improve the design.
Content I will produce more posts and pages.
Improvement – of my business skills and better content.

For you and me.

When I find a book that I think might be useful or cover a topic I am talking about I will recommend it here.
I will insert links to amazon where you can buy the books as well. Normally I would only recommend books I’ve read myself.

e-book-1209040_1280 book-1176256_1280

What I still need to do

A font design for a headline text that writes

Business Meets Emotion


– even in capital letters maybe.

I was thinking about adding a heart as an overlay to the background.

Like this:


But I didn’t really like it. Looks to weird. And I wanted the heart to be more transparent.
But then I noticed the graphic will loose it’s effect. Then I come across another idea.
Derived from that one. Like wrapping the heart as an overlay onto the globe. That should pretty much do it.

I could either reshape the globe to a heart with a mask. That’s easy to do with tools like Paint.net, Gimp or Photoshop for example.
So I’ll give it a try. If I like it, I will certainly build it in here.

This should have given you much more of an insight. And also a clearer insight of what I intend to do with this site.
This is part of my dream.

What are my Motivations behind this blog?

I want to see and learn if I can create a business out of this.
I want to use it as a platform to publish many of my ideas here. I think that’s a very good place to do that.
And I want to – sure – last but not least also earn money with that site. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a business right?

Technical Toolbox

One section that I will certainly establish here are TOOLS on a special Toolbox-Page.
This page will contain tools I find useful or I’ve created that didn’t even exist before that page.
One tool is already in store. I will provide it there soon.

Monkey Text

It will help you to get rid of monkey texting.

The urban dictionary tells you monkey texting is this:

Random words or text, like compiled by monkeys banging on typewriters.

But in computer terms it can also mean the same boring task you have to repeat hundreds of times.
Because search and replace might no more be sufficient for this task.

Let’s assume you have to get rid of all the line numbers in a code excerpt:

PHP Cocde Containing Line Numbers

The tool will help you to get rid of them with an easy step. And help you with much more.
And lately I thought about how to integrate this into wordpress. And I think this will be a great add-on to improve your workflow.

Improving your WordPress Editing Workflow

I will definitely introduce some new concepts of how to edit in WordPress too. Because I miss many little features
that sometimes even plugins might not provide.

For example something like a spellcheck is missing. I’ll show you what you could do about this.
And sometimes editing is just a pain. Because the pictures won’t insert.
Or suddenly appear at the wrong place in the editor. The size of the picture is no more changeable.
And before it works again you have to save your draft and reload the whole site.

We’ll consider everything together we can do to improve on this.

Emotional Toolbox

The emotional toolbox will contain guides to calm yourself down and reconnect as well as improve yourself emotionally.
And even intertwined guides of how to handle distressing and stressful emotionally loaded situations.
Don’t let that bring you down.

Don’t miss those. See you here. 🙂

And if I really want to master WordPress I have to see what every button does, besides some detrimental in that case like: Delete all. 😉

~Holgerfirst post


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